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woollip inflatable pillow promises sweet dreams for economy class flyers

by:Sunshinepack     2019-09-01
In honor of World Sleep Day on March 18, crowdfunding will take place on the public platform.
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The inflatable pillow is made in scale and ergonomic design to help travelers find a comfortable sleeping position while traveling in economy class.
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Long flight, engine noise and neck pain?
After a long flight in an uncomfortable seat, a father and daughter came up with a travel pillow specifically designed to help flyers find comfortable sleeping locations, even if they did not have a budget for a business class ticket.
Inflatable with just 5 breaths, the wool pillow is designed to be placed on the tray table of the passenger.
Inspired by the massage chair, the cushion supports the weight of the passenger\'s head and upper body when reclining forward.
The passenger slides his arm over the middle of the mat and then puts his head and chest on the pillow.
Since not everyone can sleep in the same position, the wool lip can also be used to support one side of the head or chin.
It took 18 months to develop the prototype version.
The next phase of Woollip\'s inventor is to raise money from web users through a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter.
Bring the mat to market.
March 18 is World Sleep Day. the movement is symbolic.
The two inventors hope to sell the pillows directly to customers through the Internet.
One day, they can see their products on sale at the airport or even on the plane, which have the colors and brands of specific airlines.
Learn more about this project here: www. woollip.
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