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Why should I turn to Sunshinepack?
Dongguan Sunshinepack Industrial Co., Ltd. is rich in industrial experience and is sensitive about customers' needs. We can provide comprehensive and one-stop solutions based on customers' actual situations. The air pillow of Sunshinepack is applicable to the following areas. With the strong modern idea, Sunshinepack always focuses on innovative design and professional production. On one hand, we keep improving the appearance of cushion air column bags to ensure they are novel and unique. On the other hand, we improve the technology of packaging and printing to shorten the production period and to promote the punctual product delivery. If you have any needs, please contact Sunshinepack. we is mainly engaged in the business of air pillow and other product series.

What is the water inlet device for the dental integrated treatment chair? Can you pick up the faucet directly? Or can only use bottles? The configuration of the dental comprehensive treatment chair is simple. the tap water is generally a transparent plastic pipe. if you use a bottle, it can also be used, but it needs to be larger, also hang up to affect the beautiful water can be used with tap water and bottle water (distilled water, purified water)Water into the chair,First pass through the water filter from the tap water source,Into the multi-pass device,Redistribution to accessories that need water,The water of the water bottle came out by air pressure,There is a water source to choose the switch valve,You can choose whether to use tap water or water from a water bottle.

What filter are put in the aquarium filter? Generally, filter cotton and ceramic rings are placed,If conditions permit: filter cotton,Ceramic ring,It is used in the water as a whole.Submersible Pumps and filter cotton (often replaced by sponges) are installed in one body,Some brands also install heaters in them,Become a multi-purpose fish farming equipment.When working,The water is sucked into the filter in multiple directions,The filtered water is returned to the water tank by another way.This filter is popular with beginners because of its low price,But from the effect of use,It is only suitable for medium and small aquariums with small fish density and low requirements for water flow and filtration,The Professional 'Fishman' uses the built-in filter (especially the filter with heating function) for seedling raising and temporary water tank,The effect is very good.The biggest disadvantage of this device is that when it stops working,There will be a lot of dirt attached to the filter cotton flowing back in

What is the turbidity of the effluent as an efficient fiber filter AFF asymmetric fiber filter? For example,If the turbidity of the water is greater than 10NTU,Then the turbidity of the effluent will be below 1NTU.What does this mean,
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