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Why do we choose airbag for milk powder packaging?

Why do we choose airbag for milk powder packaging?

Choose what kind of packaging method can have better effect and improve the transportation guarantee of products?How to avoid product damage caused by collision, extrusion and fall during express transportation?How do you choose packaging? What is the difference between cushioning packaging of milk powder air column bag and traditional packaging?

Air bag package as a new type of environmental protection packaging material, many people are not familiar with it.Many logistics enterprises are still using traditional packaging methods such as cartons, cartons, plastic, foam and so on.These packages have great hidden dangers in product protection, such as fear of water, tide, fall, extrusion and so on. It also has white garbage pollution, which is called poor environmental protection.In order to reduce environmental pollution and protect our health and improve the transportation guarantee of milk powder cushioning packaging, we should choose milk powder air column bag.  It uses 100% recyclable, pollution-free, harmless and environmentally friendly materials that meet international standards.

The air column bag is made of imported PE+nylon material. It has strong toughness and can bear 120 kg. It has good cushioning, shock-proof and compressive performance. It can effectively improve the safety protection of products.According to statistics, the protection of air-filled packages for milk powder is 40% higher than that of traditional packages. It is the preferred cushioning packaging product for current electronics and logistics matter the milk powder is canned or boxed, is customized according to your requirements: "We customize it for you according to your product specifications and standards, and support your product to add personalized LOGO".

The basic specifications of milk powder air column bags are as follows: high 15 cm wide 13 cm thick 12 cm, high 21 cm wide 13 cm thick 12 cm, high 21 cm wide 13 cm thick 12 cm, high 21 * wide 12 * thick 10 cm, high 16 cm wide 10 cm thick 12 cm.

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