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Why are the traditional air cushion packaging materials on the market unable to effectively protect products?

Why are the traditional air cushion packaging materials on the market unable to effectively protect products?

When it comes to cushioning materials, we know that their basic function is to protect the product. Secondly, we should also consider whether it is convenient to use, appearance, cost and whether it meets the requirements of easy recovery.

Nowadays, there are many kinds of cushioning materials in the market. Traditional cushioning packaging materials such as pulp injection molding and EPS Poly. EPE pearl cotton and so on, make it difficult for customers with consumer demand to choose. If wrongly selected packaging materials, it will not be able to effectively protect the product, and it will affect the customer experience, thus affecting the company's operating interests.

Buffer material, as an appendage to reflect the value of products, has now become a necessary of delivery. We specially analyzed the traditional cushioning packaging materials on the market today. Why can't protect the products effectively?

Pulp Injection Molding: It is a cushioning product made of water-containing fibre pulp. This pulp contains various fibre materials such as raw wood pulp and waste paper with different ratios. Environmental humidity also affects the properties of pulp moulding materials, and the quality is relatively unstable. And the resilience of pulp moulding is poor, so it is easy to deform after one impact, and the impact resistance of materials is destroyed after multiple impact, thus losing the protection of products.

EPS Foam: Machine moulding, high die cost (> $800). It belongs to "white pollution" and does not meet the requirements of environmental protection. It has been banned by EU countries in 2005 and will be replaced continuously in the future. And the material is fragile, wrestling edges and corners often appear package rupture, product damage and other bad conditions. It takes 24 hours for ordinary materials to foam, and the delivery time required by customers is difficult to meet.

EPE Foam: instant polyethylene, mainly used as the lining packaging of commodities, the thinnest thickness of 0.5 mm, weak cushioning effect. Pearl cotton sheet (> 10mm) with thicker cushioning effect is expensive and seldom selected by merchants. This material is somewhat easier to compress than EPS, soft and wear-free, and can withstand repeated impact. However, its disadvantage is that it occupies a large space. For the packaging protection of larger products, cost-effective and space storage should be considered.

Innovative cushioning packaging material - inflatable packaging:

inflatable packaging is an innovative and simple product cushioning material, in line with environmental standards. It is very suitable to use inflatable packaging as cushioning material, mainly because of its good protective performance, low cost and light weight. Traditional packaging materials are gradually being replaced by this inflatable cushioning package. The composition of inflatable packaging is high strength co-extrusion film sealed by PE and nylon. (LLPE and LLDPE have excellent waywardness and heat sealing, and nylon can be oriented to stretch, thus obtaining high impact and high stiffness properties.) After the inflatable bag is injected into the air according to the set pressure, due to the principle of pressure difference, the anti-pressure ability and cushioning ability of the air are excellent, so it can effectively prevent the product from being damaged by the collision of goods in transportation. And it is flat before inflatable, the stacking space is small, does not occupy storage, and there is no mold cost, is the ideal product cushioning packaging materials.

As a professional supplier of inflatable packaging solutions, we hope that our products will be better protected during transportation. After all, a lot of time, technology, cost and so on have been invested in the production of products. Therefore, it needs such a cushioning packaging material with superior performance and outstanding cost performance to ensure that the product will reach its destination safely.

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