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How to choose the filter correctly in agricultural water-saving irrigation? In agricultural irrigation, filters are essential equipment, and the rational allocation of filtration systems plays a vital role. if the filtration equipment is not matched or the selection is improper, it will cause the whole water-saving irrigation system to be paralyzed. Therefore, it is necessary to go through reasonable scientific design, according to the actual dirt properties, content, solid particle size, and flow channel size of the sprinkler, the size of the irrigation water demand, the nature of the irrigation system, the way of outflow, etc., to select the appropriate filter.The commonly used filters are centrifugal filters, mesh filters, patch filters, sand filter, and stacked filters. First of all, let's understand the performance of the four filters:1. centrifugal filter: centrifugal filter is mainly based on the working principle of gravity and centrifugal force to remove solid particles that are more important t

The Dongguan Sunshinepack Industrial Co., Ltd. brand has been cultivating the dedication of employees. Please contact us! Sunshinepack, the Domestic Extraordinary Manufacturer in the Manufacturing Packaging & Printing Packaging Bags Industry Sunshinepack's air cushion bag has been further improved based on advanced technology, as reflected in the following aspects. Sunshinepack has an excellent team consisting of talents in R&D, production and management. We could provide practical solutions according to actual needs of different customers.

How to filter household well water in rural areas without filters? The underground water well filtration system in rural areas is natural,The water has been filtered through the sand layer to raise fish well.There are customs in the countryside,To remove water and dirt,Squid is often placed in the water.Fish and water are clean.At present, China's industry is developing rapidly,Increased water pollution,Tap water and groundwater in many cities have become invisible killers.It's very good that you realize that,Precipitation does not purify the water quality. it is not muddy water that can be clarified,Or with a filter,Contact me if needed!Send you one Physical precipitation,Chemical reagents can also be added.1. build a small cement pool deeper,At the bottom of the water outlet faucet 2, shop two layers of mesh at the bottom of the pool,A slightly larger stone on the screen,Lay another layer of yarn net 2. lay a slightly smaller stone on the screen net,Lay another layer of mesh 3. lay a layer of coarse sand o
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