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What will you do with the packing garbage?

What will you do with the packing garbage?

With the rise of online shopping, cross-border e-commerce and other industries, people are more and more like to buy their own daily necessities and desirable goods online! When some platforms do promotional activities, they even go shopping crazily! Someone think the happiest thing every day is to receive the express package. But although the demolition of express delivery is pleasant, but the rest of the packaging garbage is really a headache. 

one express box usually has eight kinds of packaging, such as waybill, envelope, carton, plastic bag, woven bag, froth,tape and buffer packing materials. It is understood that the recovery rate of express cartons in China is less than 20%. Without recycling, it means that the waste. Transparent tape, froth, bubble film,plastic bags and other packaging materials, the main raw materials are polyvinyl chloride, the existing treatment methods are mostly incineration and landfill, which will produce a large number of pollutants, and landfill treatment will take hundreds of years to degrade. There is a problem of toxic and harmful substances exceeding the standard, which seriously affects the health of the public.

Therefore, while advocating more recycling of express cartons, we can also give priority to the selection of some environmental protection packaging materials to reduce hazards. At present, there are already have environmental protection cartons and environmental protection adhesive paper on the market. The air column packaging produced by our company is also environmental protection soft packaging materials. It is not only non-toxic and pollution-free, but also recyclable, belonging to the seventh category of recycling standards. At the same time, its buffering effect is also very good! At present, air column bag is the most popular environmental protection soft packaging material on the market!

Caring for the environment is everyone's responsibility. Let's shoulder this great responsibility and let our homeland return to green!

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