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What's SGS Quality Certification?

What's SGS Quality Certification?

SGS (Swiss General Notary Bank, known as Tongbiao Standard Technology Services Co., Ltd. in China) was established in 1878, and has established more than 1000 branches worldwide. For more than a hundred years, SGS has been engaged in inspection, testing, identification and certification. It has accumulated a wide range of credibility worldwide, and has been recognized and trusted by many international buyers and governments.

In the report, SGS elaborates the results or conclusions of inspection, testing, certification and appraisal, but the inspection and certification are not based on SGS standards, but on international standards, laws and regulations, customer requirements or industry specific requirements.

SGS is only a fair and rigorous third party, with rich experience, professional equipment and personnel to carry out various tests or tests according to standards.

For example:SGS can produce SGS reports according to customer's requirements on durability, reliability and environmental protection, and relevant regulations and standards of importing country and customer's requirements, including aging test, component analysis, environmental protection test, mechanical performance test, appearance test, etc. for manufacturer's products.

here is our SGS certifications test report:

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