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What are the precautions when operating small pure water equipment? Pure water is made from tap water through ion exchange, reverse osmosis, distillation and other processes. Low hardness, almost mineral-free, openNo scale after.Mineral water is naturally poured out from the deep underground or collected by drilling. it has strict requirements for water sources. it needs to be explored and evaluated by the local and mining departments to take water.Protection measures. The price of mineral water is relatively high, mainly because of the high cost of water, not because of the trace minerals.The magic effect. Mineral water often promotes rich 'trace nutrients' such as SR and SE.Difference:1. drinking pure water is based on water that meets the sanitary standards of drinking water. it is used by dialysis, ion exchange, distillation and other appropriate methods.Prepared by the processor, sealed in the container and does not contain any additives that can be directly drunk.Pure water pr

Dongguan Dongguan Sunshinepack Industrial Co., Ltd. Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer of air column roll integrating scientific research, development, manufacturing and service. Under the enterprise spirit of 'united, hard-working, truth-seeking and innovative', Sunshinepack constantly gained self-breakthrough during development and achieved the goal to be the forerunner in the industry. The air column roll produced by Sunshinepack is widely used. Sunshinepack's main products include air column roll series. Our QC team implements a strict quality control system and perfect monitor method. This product has been sold to more than 20 countries around the world. Dongguan our team Co., Ltd's strategy is based on the air pillow technologies to provide the best solution to customers. It enables the goods to be delivered to customers safe and sound. If interested in the products, please contact we.

Overview of air handling units 1 Insulation performance air treatment unit wall panels are generally sprayed with double-layer color steel plates or cold-rolled steel plates (some of the inner side plates of the bottom plate are made of stainless steel ),Most of the insulation materials in the middle are polyurethane foam or flame retardant centrifugal glass wool.If you look at the thermal conductivity, water absorption and density alone,Both are good insulation materials.However, due to the operation of the air handling unit,High-speed operation of sending and returning fans,The vibration of the box is relatively large,The quality of glass wool is light,Large gaps in the structure are prone to fall off due to long-term vibration,Resulting in a sharp increase in thermal conductivity,Lose the role of insulation,Thus causing the panel condensation of the air treatment unit,The air supply temperature is high.However, it is not necessary to use polyurethane foaming to have a good thermal insulation effect,For exa
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