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With highly advanced production equipment, Dongguan Dongguan Sunshinepack Industrial Co., Ltd. Co., Ltd is globally prestigious in air column roll sector. Sunshinepack upholds the core value to be honest, practical, truth-seeking, pioneering, and innovative in the development. We address the responsibility for environmental protection and product safety. We always have the courage to try and pursue excellence, regardless of all the difficulties. Our goal is to become the most influential company in the Manufacturing Packaging & Printing Packaging Bags industry. air pillow can be applied to multiple scenes. The following are the application examples for you. Sunshinepack is mainly engaged in the business of air column roll and other product series. Our qualified and experienced staff strictly follows the quality control system. It is the best-replaced choice of EPE foam and pulp plastic film. Dongguan Sunshinepack Co., Ltd's global stocking warehouses and distribution networks help insure your product is available when you need it most. Its all-round packaging provides 360° protection. our team is committed to guaranteeing good product quality and after-sales service. Welcome to contact us for cooperation!

How to choose the characteristic material of dust filter bag? Dust removal filter bag is the heart of the bag filter during operation,Usually, the pulse filter bag of the cylinder type is suspended vertically in the dust collector,Dust-containing gas enters the dust collector from the air inlet,Through the guide plate of the ash bucket,So that some large particles of dust in the gas are separated by the action of inertia force,Fall directly into the Ashes,Dust-containing gas enters the filter bag filtration area of the box,The vast majority of dust was arrested on the outer surface of the filter bag,And clean gas enters the inside of the filter bag through the filter material,After the purified gas enters the upper box through the filter bag mouth,Then discharged by the air outlet.The cage inside the filter bag is used to support the filter bag,Prevent the filter bag from collapsing,At the same time, it helps to clear and redistribute dust cakes.Acrylic needle felt,Chemical name pan,It is u

How to Clean Jiuyang front filter? Before using, tighten the cutting knife and centrifugal filter, then fasten the upper box of the centrifugal filter and the cutting knife on the base, then connect the power, the source;2. put food after the motor rotates normally;3. the amount of food placed should not be too large, too thick and excellent, so as not to damage the cutting knife and overload the motor;4. if too much food should not be stored in the centrifugal filter, it should be cleaned up in time, otherwise it will easily cause vibration; it is necessary to keep the juicer clean inside and outside the body. Wash carefully after each use. However, it is not necessary to rinse with a faucet during cleaning, the base in the lower part of the juicer, let alone put the body in the water, so as not to destroy the insulation part of the electrical appliance part.

What is the difference between PA filter element and PE filter element? Water treatment Pp filter element (also known as melt spray filter element) is a kind of non-toxic and tasteless polypropylene as raw material,After heating and melting,Filter material made of spray, traction and receiving molding.Pp filter element has uniform aperture,The deep filtering structure of the outer sparse inner density,And has high filtration efficiency,Excellent acid and alkali resistance.It can effectively remove impurities such as suspended matter, particles and rust in the liquid.The characteristics of pp filter elements: (1), the filter core is dense and uniform,High filtration efficiency.Since the particles will Bridge in the filter channel,The particles smaller than the channel can also be blocked,The filtration efficiency is above 98%.(2), its own cleanliness is high,No pollution to water quality.(3) corrosion of chemical reagents such as acid resistance and alkali resistance and organic solvent.(4), the strength is la
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