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Where is the household water heater intake filter? My water heater found that it could not get into the air, took the trachea down and stabbed it in the air inlet with a long wire. The main point of the technical scheme is that,It is composed of water inlet valve, water outlet valve, water inlet purification filter, water outlet purification filter, pipeline and stick particle adsorption filter.When the water heater adds water,Open the inlet valve,The tap water leads from the inlet pipe to the inlet water purification filter,Enter the adsorption filter,The adsorption filter will be applied to tap water,To purify and filter,Purified water flow after purification and filtration,Enter the water tank of the water heater;When the water heater is needed,Open the outlet valve,Hot water flow of water heater,Into the water purification filter,The scale enters the adsorption filter,Blocked and filtered by adsorption filters,Purified and filtered hot water,Output by the outlet pipe,And can carry out backwashing,

Dongguan Sunshinepack Industrial Co., Ltd. is rich in industrial experience and is sensitive about customers' needs. We can provide comprehensive and one-stop solutions based on customers' actual situations. The air pillow of Sunshinepack is applicable to the following areas. With the strong modern idea, Sunshinepack always focuses on innovative design and professional production. On one hand, we keep improving the appearance of cushion air column bags to ensure they are novel and unique. On the other hand, we improve the technology of packaging and printing to shorten the production period and to promote the punctual product delivery. If you have any needs, please contact Sunshinepack. we is mainly engaged in the business of air pillow and other product series.

Thermal Power Generation, seawater cooling, principle This involves a problem of desalination,At present, seawater desalination is carried out using a reverse osmosis principle,First, after the seawater is filtered,Remove suspended matter from seawater,Colloidal,Then a reverse osmosis membrane is used to filter the sea water,The reverse osmosis membrane can pass through water,Substances that do not allow the passage of salt substances.The filtered seawater is basically salt free.Then lead to the factory for cooling water If the water source has little impact on the surrounding area,It's just the air!Add points, thank you for the thermal power generation principle: use the heat energy generated when burning solid, liquid and gas fuels such as coal, oil and natural gasA power generation method that converts power into electricity by generating power devices.China is rich in coal resources,Coal production 10 in 1990.0.9 billion tons,Coal for power generation accounted for only 12%.There is still great potentia
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