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Visited to our old customers of "famous logistics company in China"

Thank you very much for the support that all the new and old customers have always given to the Sunshinepack packaging. In order to bring better services to customers, we will visit every customer once a year per customer. The purpose is to listen to more customers' voices, help customers solve some small problems in the use process, and promote long-term cooperation between the two sides.

This time we visited a well-known logistics company in China who has cooperated with us for 2 years. Their headquarter is located in beautiful Shanghai. Before the peak season of China's logistics market in November, we appointment to conduct a technical discuss and prepare logistics packaging solutions for the coming peak season!

When we arrived in Shanghai, we took a taxi to the customer's company. Although we knew that their company was very large, when we arrived, we were shocked by the magnificence. The total construction area was 300000 square meters, with the largest transfer center in the whole network!

Then, under the guidance of customers, we visited their packaging production lines. At present, their headquarters has 6 gas column packaging production lines (the number of packages packed each day is temporarily not disclosed). According to different packaging requirements, they flexibly apply cushion packaging materials such as gas column bags, gas column rolls, bubble pillows, gourd films, bubble paper, cartons, etc! Our technicians have communicated with the relevant staff on the packaging production line about the inflation technology and the maintenance of the automatic inflation equipment. Finally, in view of the peak logistics season in November, we also reached the final logistics packaging solution and order after 1 hour of discussion!

Before November, we have finished all the packing materials as promised. Now already after one month, our customers have no complaints about the quality! I think this is the biggest recognition of the Sunshinepack packaging!

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