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toyota canada recall: 157,000 corolla, matrix models need airbag and wiper fixes

by:Sunshinepack     2019-08-30
They include 140,000 and 2003 of 2004 more a Corolla and Matrix car and 17,000 to 2006 of nearly 2012 a Lexus sedan.
Corolla and Matrix cars are being recalled due to concerns that their airbags may be inadvertently deployed due to possible short circuit of control modules.
The automaker also said that the wiper arms of Lexus vehicles may not be tight enough to stop working if their movements are limited, such as the accumulation of snow.
The company said that the owners of the vehicles covered by these voluntary recalls will receive a letter by mail starting next month.
This is part of more than one recall worldwide.
3 million, of which 752,000 are in the United States.
Toyota Motor Company
Spokesman Naoto Fuse said two crashes were reported in the United States. S.
Related to the airbag problem, but Toyota failed to confirm.
Fuse said it was not clear whether anyone had been injured in the two accidents.
Toyota has confirmed 18 cases in the United States. S. of abrasion-
He said the type of damage caused by air bag problems.
Initially, the Japanese carmaker said there had been no accidents with either issue.
A total of 46 reports were received on air bag issues in North America, 1 from Japan and 25 on windshield wiper issues.
Over the past few years, Toyota has been massively recalled for a range of issues, including poor brakes, accelerator pedals and floor mats, mainly in the United States, damaging its reputation for high quality.
Executives have repeatedly pledged to strengthen quality control and speed up the recall to repair Toyota\'s image.
In 2011, Toyota\'s production was affected by the earthquake and tsunami in northeast Japan, where major suppliers were, but since then Toyota\'s production has recovered, not only sales in the United States have increasedS.
So is Asia.
Earlier this week, Toyota announced a record global car sales last year.
75 million cars, the world\'s number one
1 car manufacturers from the United StatesS.
Rival General Motors
Toyota has announced a number of recalls in recent months, but these are relatively small, such as floor mats, which often affect vehicles manufactured before recent efforts to restore the quality of the pound.
Last month, Toyota agreed to pay more than $1 billion in the United States. S.
To resolve the lawsuit, car owners said the value of their cars and SUVs fell sharply after the company suddenly recalled millions of cars
Acceleration Problem
Executives said they did not admit their fault.
But they acknowledge that the company is eager to get rid of the recall crisis and continue to boost sales growth in Asia and the United States. S.
_ Documents from The Associated Press.
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