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top tips for living a healthy life

by:Sunshinepack     2019-09-08
Here, my top recommendation for a healthy life is to give up smoking.
Take some time to sleep more than five times a day. Practice safety sexy reduce the intake of unhealthy foods reduce your exposure to pollution. Smile more!
These tips help create a healthier lifestyle, a healthy heart and a happier life! 1.
Quit smoking.
This is the best thing you can do for health.
Cigarettes contain about 400 toxic substances and 60 known or suspected cancers
Cause the agent, Don\'t forget the aging effect of cigarettes on the skin.
Don\'t fall in love with the mentality of \"My grandmother smokes 40 cigarettes a day and has lived to 93 years old --
This may be the case in 1 of 100,000 cases, but the other 99,000 cases have died from lung-related diseases.
The scientists finally reached an agreement on this issue.
Irrefutable evidence suggests that smoking can have a serious and harmful effect on human health, and the number of people trying to quit smoking has been steadily increasing since early 60 s.
Due to peer pressure and the need to shape a more adult image, there are still many teenagers who continue to smoke, hoping that this number will decrease over time.
For those who try to give up \"wet\", here are some techniques that help you stop once and for all: nicotine replacement therapy
Patch, chewing gum, nasal spray, Micro
Tab, lozenges, reminder hypno, acupuncture treatment drug-
Like ZybanWillpower! 2. Get Moving ! Move move move. . .
Our bodies are designed to move, so walk at every opportunity to benefit yourself and your heart.
Try walking or cycling and leave the car at home instead of driving to work.
Even if you live a long way from the office, you can drive for a while and the rest can walk or ride a bike.
Try walking the stairs at work instead of using an elevator, which will not only reduce your stress level, but also be good for the heart and lungs, but also burn calories!
If you work at your desk for a long time, try taking a regular break for a few minutes. 3.
Fasten your seat belt.
Statistics clearly show that wearing a seat belt every year can save thousands of lives, increase life span and help prevent potential serious injuries in car accidents.
As long as you wear your seat belt, your chances of surviving an accident will increase by 45%.
Don\'t subscribe to \"I don\'t need a seat belt-
I have airbags all over my head. set.
Of course, airbags improve the effectiveness of protection, but seat belts work with airbags to protect passengers.
The airbag alone is not enough to ensure the safety of the occupants. 4. Take time out. . .
Reducing your stress levels stress can be a killer and can cause health problems even if you are low for a long time.
Take the time to do something easy and enjoyable every day, which will help to relieve your stress.
Try to avoid being with people who improve your stress level and avoid stress at work as much as possible.
Here\'s a list of ways you can try to relax: Soak in the hot tub with some relaxing oil or herbs, take a walk along the beach listening to some relaxing music for at least 30 minutes, walking games with your dog and kids
This can be a simple breathing exercise that focuses on sound or some visual relaxation. Watch an interesting movie with friends. Have a gentle workout and swim in the gym, then the sauna /! 5.
Are you sleeping well?
If not, here are a few tips to help you get a good rest: keep sleeping and waking up regularly
Including sleeping on a comfortable mattress on weekends (
Should be checked every 10 years and replaced if necessary)
Buy some decent pillows and make sure you create a good sleeping environment in your bedroom
Rooms need dark, quiet, cool, no noise and distractions, don\'t eat anything
Avoid caffeine 3 hours before going to bed (
Tea, coffee, soda)
Before going to bed, they can keep you awake and avoid drinking near bedtime
Drinking alcohol will actually reduce the quality of sleep, and lunch time the next day will make you feel tired and avoid nicotine approaching sleep time
Doping like caffeine can lead to poor sleep or even nightmares.
There is also a reason to quit smoking! 6.
After quitting smoking, eat five servings a day and the second thing you can do is eat at least five servings of fruit and vegetables a day.
However, organic food is recommended, which may be more expensive than non-organic foodorganic.
The body is a bit like a car because it needs certain essentials to keep it working effectively.
Edit comment: if you forget to refuel in a car engine, or use diesel instead of gasoline, it will eventually break down and the same principle applies to the human body.
Continue to fill the body with garbage (
Too much junk food, not enough real nutrition, water and exercise)
It will start to deteriorate and eventually the disease and health will deteriorate. 7.
In modern times, it is more and more important to practice safe sex.
Unless it\'s been a long time.
The relationship between one husband and one wife always remembers the use of condoms (
Male and female types available)
When sexual intercourse.
Some health centers offer condoms for free, or you can buy them from local supermarkets or pharmacies.
Birth control pills and other methods of contraception do not have any protection against HIV/AIDS or any other sexually transmitted disease or infection. 8.
It is important to reduce the intake of unhealthy foods!
Anyone can fill their shopping basket with processed food and high fat and low nutritional value food, which is usually cheaper to do.
Learn to be picky about what you buy at the weekly food store and try to choose a lot of natural products with low salt and sugar content that will benefit over time.
Try to avoid other fat meats such as fried food, hamburgers and pork, bacon, ham, sausage, sausage, etc.
If possible, buy low-fat dairy products such as skim or semi-skim
Skim milk, \"light\" butter and margarine.
Add some macadamia nuts to your shopping basket, which are the best natural source of single saturated fat and are very useful for lowering cholesterol.
Editor\'s comment: Some people are sensitive to certain food types such as milk, dairy products and wheat.
If you feel that some products are making you uncomfortable, talk to your doctor and he/she may arrange some food sensitivity tests.
Food sensitivity or allergies can cause serious damage to the immune system and have a very unpleasant effect on the body. 9.
It is estimated that 100,000 people die prematurely each year due to respiratory and heart diseases caused by dirty air or have become worse.
Air pollution can be Level 2.
Your home is 5 times higher than outside and sometimes 100 times higher.
Regularly open windows at home and ventilate properly, which is the best way to remove contaminants at home and also reduces the chance of mold growth.
Check the boiler once a year to make sure there is no carbon monoxide leak.
If you haven\'t, plant some trees behind your house and they provide shade so you don\'t have to use air conditioning anymore and they absorb ozone, nitrogen oxides and other pollutants produced in the air.
Choose Ash, Mulberry, incense, tulips and other varieties. 10. Laugh More!
There is evidence that laughter can improve health and fight heart disease.
It is said that the healing power of laughter can reduce pain and stimulate immune function in patients with cancer, AIDS or diabetes.
15 minutes of laughter a day is the minimum recommended, so try watching a fun movie or performance with friends.
Try to take life less seriously and make it easier
When you interact with others, you will find that laughter is contagious and helps to relieve stress.
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