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Tips for selecting and purchasing air-column bags: How to judge the quality of air-column bags

Tips for selecting and purchasing air-column bags: How to judge the quality of air-column bags

Nowadays, as the mainstream packaging products, air pillow packaging bags have been applied to various industries, especially in the e-commerce industry. The low cost, small size and environmental protection of air pillow bags make business owners fond of them.But how can you accurately judge the quality of an air pillow bag?

The advantages and disadvantages of air pillow bags are well distinguished.

First, get an air pillow product, then look at its appearance gloss, for the air pillow bag, its material is mostly a mixture of nylon and PE material, but also LDPE material. The first-class air pillow bag will not add any recycled materials or filling masterbatches. It is thick and not light. It can give off a light color of pearl shell in the sunshine. It looks very comfortable. If there is yellowing or dark color, such air bags are likely to be adulterated with recycled materials.

Second, you can feel the texture of air pillow bag products with your hands. Good air pillow bags feel smooth without granularity by your hands, while poor quality air pillow bag products have small granularity due to the low cost of raw materials.

Thirdly, we can weigh the weight of the air pillow bag with electronic small gram. The heavier the bag, the thicker it is, the better the quality. The air pillow bag packaging industry can even calculate the actual thickness of the bag by formula. The thicker the thickness, the better the compression, scratch and puncture resistance of the bag.

Finally, we can observe the craft of the air pillow bag. High-quality air pillow bag, often beautiful atmosphere, fine workmanship, hot-pressing part of the force uniform and the same gap. On the contrary, if it is inferior, the craft of air pillow  bags is often poor. Usually, they will have problems such as heavy pressure on one side, and other side lighter, big and small columns, rough lines, etc. Even there are serious problems such as air leakage caused by improper pressure.                                                                                                                                              

These are some techniques to distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of buffer bubble bags, you can try to see for yourself, it should still be very effective.

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