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Things You Must Consider While Shipping Fragile

by:Sunshinepack     2020-03-25
Moving any item to a long distance always arises a question on its safety. Mishandling and jerks during shipping often damage the package and the content inside. Think of fragile items like crystal or glass items which require high-end safe carton packaging. This isn't as easy as any other goods. You have to be very careful while packaging of fragile items with carton. Here are the few things you must consider while carton packaging: Hardness of the carton: For items that are likely to be damaged with a little jerk you need to have hard as well as thick carton so that it doesn't bend due to the weight of the content or tear with a minor scratch. Thickness of the carton also provides cushion like support to the goods, which is chosen depending on the type of items to be packed. There are different types of thickness level available with the combination of hardens for every type of fragile items. Sealer for security: To hold carton together sealers are used. For delicate items just any sealer will not do. You need to have a strong sealer that will assure that cartons will not open while loading or unloading from the transporting medium. Most often tapes and staplers are used, but their effectiveness has to be considered widely as the weight of the pack may loosen their intensity. Inside packaging: Packaging from outside is not enough to ensure that delicate goods will be safely transported, inside packaging equally plays the role. There should be a required amount of padding inside the carton so that even if there are thrown into the truck they don't get damaged. For this, thermocol, paper strips and bubble sheets can be used. These padding equipments will provide appropriate shielding from any kind of mishandling. Marking on the pack: For every sort of carton packaging there are special types of marks assigned. These marks can be warning or note in the form of specific signs or symbols. These symbols are printed outside the pack and mostly for fragile items to guide the handler with proper instructions, like, not to invert it, don't place on a slant surface, handle with care, etc. Marking the pack with such symbols ensures that your goods will be handled with care at the time of loading and unloading because every carriage professional knows the meaning of these signs and always read before handling them. When it comes to fragile items you have to be extra cautious and follow as many safety rules as possible. No matter if you are a dealer or as user of delicate items, significance of such items is equal for both of them and for this above are the few guidelines.
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