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the tragedy of being in coach s11

by:Sunshinepack     2019-09-10
The railway to the Nellore railway station turned into a desolate Museum, packed with many tourists.
The scene that greeted people here is the bloody remnants of a fire accident that killed 32 people and injured 27 in the early hours of Monday. At 4. 22 a. m.
Fire broke out in Chennai\'s S11 coach-
Tamil Nadu Express (12622)
When the train from Delhi was passing through Nellie,
A pair of white shoes were abandoned on the rails.
There\'s a few blood near the shoes-
The air pillow was dirty.
Toothbrushes, shaving gear and bags that used to be dinner are some of the other items scattered on the tracks. At around 2. 30 p. m.
A group of locals crowded beside the rails in the sad silence, some scanned the debris carefully, and others were curious about the ash.
About 100 metres away, a group of residents from Nellore Ramamurthy Nagar were enjoying the cold under the tree.
The residents saw the train car on fire.
\"It\'s about 4 in the morning. m.
When I hear a commotion, I think.
I was shocked to see a cubicle on fire as I walked out, \"said resident Venkateswaralu.
He said he could not rush to save the passengers because he had throat surgery, but instead called the fire department, ambulances and some local politicians.
\"But there are other residents rushing over to deliver water to thirsty passengers.
Some are crying and some are trying to call their loved ones. By 5 a. m. , two fire-
The fighting vehicle arrived and tried to put out the flames, \"said Venkateswaralu.
Language is not an obstacle to them.
\"Some of them know Telugu, but many don\'t.
But we know they need help and we do what we can.
This is the first time we have seen such an accident on our nearby track, \"added Venkateswarlu. K.
Another resident said he was woken up by a dog barking.
\"It was unusual, so I came out and I saw the car burning.
By then the fire department had arrived.
There were ambulances at the scene of the accident, \"he said.
\"Railways often raise prices, but facilities are still poor.
Their negligence has caused so much loss of life . \"
Another resident, Abdul Tamem
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