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the technologies that define sneaker cushioning

by:Sunshinepack     2019-08-24
Boost. Air. Gel.
Sneakers cushion all the pillars of the world.
React, Hovr, Ignite, fresh foam, and many sneaker companies have adopted a new approach to cushion your sneaker experience.
But to really get the benefits of buffering from the foam, you need to look at this technology.
There was no sneaker buff.
Then vinyl. vinyl acetate (EVA)
Foam, an elastic material similar to rubber.
Nike broke the mold and introduced air as a buffer method in 1970 s.
Asics has accepted the gel as its buffer option since the 1980 s, and Adidas launched Boost in 2013, breaking the world of foam buffers.
Since then, Armour, Puma, New Balance and others have continued to try to upgrade EVA, creating their own buffering capabilities. Here’s the run-down.
NikeThe Swoosh has the most comprehensive buffer option on the market.
After the introduction of raw air, Nike upgraded its air experience to Zoom air in 1995, an airbag that includes a range of highly stretched polyester or nylon fibers, these fibers pull the zoom airbag back into place after compression.
Lunarlon foam Nike, launched at 2008 Beijing Olympics, has just received its first major upgrade as Nike launched React cushioning in 2017 and then launched its features in 2018.
Brett Hortz, vice president of Nike running shoes, said React eliminated the compromises that Lunarlon and EVA needed.
Lunarlon, while offering a softer, more responsive foam than EVA, is unable to stand on its own.
Nike has to surround it with a protective carrier, a stronger foam that stays in contact with the ground.
\"This doesn\'t allow us to maximize the use of soft, lightweight responsive foam,\" Holts said . \".
\"We have to stick these two pieces together.
Adding two density foam, adding a layer of glue and locking in innovation is by no means an ideal scenario.
Now Nike has one.
The sheet reacts to minimize buffering while removing the glue layer to reduce weight.
React also eliminates EVA, starting with the TPE Foundation-
Hot plastic rubber
A completely different chemical formulation that improves buffering and energy return.
Nike has launched basketball sneakers as a closed live reaction-solution.
Running in 2018 exposed foam and needed an algorithm to help produce an ideal mixture of reaction buffers in certain areas.
\"We need to make sure that this perfect harmony is found between the material and the geometry to provide the perfect running experience,\" Holt said . \".
\"It took a lot of time.
Hortz said that this ability to respond can maintain the life span of its energy return --
Over time, all the bubbles build up
Give it an advantage.
The difference between air and foam is personal preference, says Holt.
\"What we can offer with air, zoom or reaction can be completely different in the experience of the runner,\" he said . \".
\"We believe that we have two complementary experiences for our benefit.
\"The biggest advantage of Air is that it will never lose its responsiveness.
The feel of the Air provides a different experience than the buffer foam.
On the other hand, packaging air requires a more powerful manufacturing system, so there are still limits on how Nike makes air Max shoes.
\"All of these platforms are given and accepted,\" Holts said . \".
As Nike continues to move into the next phase of the buff, we have seen the Zoom X foam on the marathon shoes paired with the carbon fiber board, all for speed improvement.
Nike wants to expand Zoom X beyond Marathon drivers, but will continue to build on React to update more sneakers with a brand new multi-purpose foam, which completely eliminates the use of EVA.
AdidasWhen Energy Boost made its debut in 2013, with thousands of capsules buffering EVA with TPU-
Heat-resistant polyurethane.
With the energy return, durability and temperature resistance of the TPU, Adidas captures the comfort, weight and smooth transition of EVA.
This new approach begins to change the world of bubble buffering.
Now, this buffer product has been developing for five years, from specialized running products to all sports and lifestyles, and continues to surpass the original creation.
In order to promote growth, Adidas cooperated with BASF, an international chemical company, to use the manufacturing process of the automotive industry and use highpressure steam.
Matthias Amm, global category director of Adidas running, said that in the process, solid granular TPU materials were blown up and turned into small energy capsules that make up the midsole.
External News confirmed that boost the buffer industry
Leading energy return, with great heat and cold resistance compared to EVA midsole, is more durable.
\"These energy capsules have a unique cellular structure that provides a soft, lightweight buffer that helps store and release energy more effectively at each step,\" said Amm . \".
\"Boost is designed to help you run and run more comfortably.
With the development of Boost, Adidas has launched Boost Light, a Boost form featuring sneakers that is the lightest --
Bubble of the same energy return.
Boost requires a new way to build the shoes in order to achieve Boost potential by adding more intensive materials on the inside to maintain stability.
Adidas also began to add color to the Boost sole --
It\'s only white-
This is a highly technical process, said Amm.
\"We didn\'t stop Boost, we\'re innovating in Boost, and as we showed last year when we launched Boost Light, there\'s more to come,\" said Amm . \".
\"In the future, Boost will continue to define our products through further advances in innovation, aesthetics and design.
Asics made its debut in 1986, and the Asics gel is made of soft elastic material, maintaining stability and durability.
Gel technology has developed no less than 9 times since its introduction, gel size, shock absorption capacity, weight reduction, enhanced durability, movement of the front foot and soft makeup.
In 2016, the introduction of the foam unit combined with the gel-made fuzeGel reduces the overall weight of the gel sneakers.
When other materials, such as shear deformation, maintain elastic solids, the gel can be incorporated into all types of performance shoe boots, asics says, because the various styles of the gel make it work well in any area of the foot.
The weight of the gel is about half the size of the EVA foam, the elasticity is increased by 10%, and the shock absorption is increased by 20%.
Absorb vibration
Plus stability-
Is the reason why Asics really explore the use of gel.
But in Kobe, Japan, the gel is not its own.
Research institutions based on Asics.
The brand has launched a new FlyteFoam product designed to blend with the gel.
The new foam uses nano-fibers between bubbles, increasing the strength and durability by 20% while making lighter products.
Looking forward to seeing a new transparent padGel inspired by the base of dog and cat pads.
At ArmourA\'s debut at the end of 2017, the new Hovr technology from Under Armour marks a new way to build a bubble buff.
The Hovr midsole works with Dow Chemical to produce a proprietary midsole foam compound that includes \"super-soft durometer.
The purpose of the combination of buffering and shock absorption includes a \"energy network\" system, a mesh fabric that wraps the buffer core in an attempt to maintain the energy return of the new buffer technology.
The New Balance has long been trying to improve EVA.
In the 1980 s, they added polyurethane around EVA for more stability and then worked with DuPont in the 1990 s to produce isoprene rubber ABZORB.
By 2011, REVlite offers more spongeslike texture.
Then, in 2014, Fresh Foam debuted, injected
Mold heating process in 3D shape to produce different resistance zones.
It\'s still EVA-
Foam, but use newer chemical compounds to create more stability, especially when combined with computersmapping 3D.
Claire Wood, strategic business unit manager at New Balance, said fresh bubbles also represent an engineering philosophy.
New Balance uses a program that receives input from data metrics of speed, force, and pressure-
Draw a running map to help \"scientific calculations behind geometry and shapes \".
The Ignite foam launched by PumaThe in 2015 provides a polyurethane mixture designed to \"get an exceptional energy return and take immediate action\"in comfort. ” The on-
The contact buffer function of the Ignite model is direct-
Injection molding and additional cars-
The heel has a grade foam, more durable, different manufacturing process from other PU
Based on the buffer system.
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