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the ta ta towel: someone has invented a bizarre boob hammock to save you from breast sweat

by:Sunshinepack     2019-09-07
The internet has brought many genius inventions to human beings.
From the maker of dead star waffle to the inflatable pillow hoodie, the network has allowed a large number of zany items to land. And now?
User crazy for \"Ta Towel.
\"Simple accessories, like hammocks for breasts, allow the wearer to eliminate an uncomfortable problem many women face in the summer: sweating in the chest.
This fabric is made of towel material and slides through your chest like a camper so you can easily walk around the house during the summer without worrying about sweating.
Founder Irene Robertson decided to make a towel bra after experiencing the discomfort of \"ta\" sweating firsthand.
\"I live in Los Angeles, ready for my first date,\" she wrote on her website . \".
\"When I got ready after the shower, I kept sweating --
It\'s not because I\'m going on my first date, it\'s because my little AC is broken and it\'s the beginning of summer.
She shared how she \"tried everything\", from bathing under her breasts to covering herself with baby powder. \"I even put a T-
\"Put on the shirt and hide it under my chest,\" she recalls . \".
She was frustrated by the lack of a solution for women and decided to take steps on it.
She borrowed a sewing machine from her friend and began cutting and piecing together a prototype with her bathroom towel.
\"I started handing the towel to my friend for some feedback,\" she wrote . \".
\"To my surprise, I think this is just a solution to sweating in the chest and it turns out to help other women in many different ways.
\"Ta Towels even helped one of her friends clean up the severe moisture rash that was formed by sweating.
The product was highly recommended by customers who praised the product for its \"comfort\" and \"impressive\" design.
\"It feels like you\'re naked without being naked,\" one user wrote . \".
According to Robertson, this towel bra is also ideal for nursing women to make their nipples sensitive and absorb leaks.
The genius invention has existed since 2015, but it has gained traction after a tweet prompted Jezebel to try out the product --
Attract everyone\'s attention.
Do you want one?
The price of the invention is $45 (£34. 24)
And can be used for pre-
Order on the theTa Ta towel website.
Well, it\'s not that worried this summer.
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