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the pros and cons of air bags.

by:Sunshinepack     2019-08-15
The news media have recently paid so much attention to the potential danger of the car airbag that we may be charged with layoffs, but if you have children in your home, weak passengers or short-distance drivers, pay attention.
There is no doubt that the overall value of the airbag, as we all know, has saved many lives.
Only in front though-endcrashes (
A number of automakers have launched airbags to prevent side impact)
On seat belts alone, they reduced the driver\'s fat by about 10%.
The current concern about airbags is due to two
The National Traffic Safety Commission\'s annual study found 26 children as front-row passengers
Across the country, cars with double airbags have killed seat passengers.
In addition, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration found that in addition to a driving adult, 19 adults were injured by air bags.
Considering that by the end of this year, the double airbags will be the standard equipment for all cars, it is worth noting these statistics.
For example, although airbags may cause facial injuries to anyone wearing glasses, these and other minor injuries caused by airbags are the most basic cost of avoiding crushing the head or chest.
The airbag is more than just a simple cushion that applies itself between the upper body and the steering wheel or dashboard.
On the contrary, it is a kind of deployment at a huge speed, hitting a person\'s \"reverse punching bag\" with a huge force \".
This force applied to the head and neck of a child or a weak or short adult may have catastrophic consequences.
To avoid these problems, some suggestions have been made to automakers, but if any of these changes in the design and utilization of the windbag are to be realized soon, they remain to be seen.
At the same time, we can do something to minimize the risk to drivers and passengers: * children under the age of 12, under the age of 4\'11, or if there are passengers in the car, their feet did not reach the floor and should not be seated in the front row --side air bag.
* The driver should be sitting at least 12 inch from the steering wheel (
The distance from the airbag deployment delay)
, And should not be driven by hand at the top of the wheel, airbags can impact them.
Holding the side of the wheel can keep the hand away from the path of the airbag.
* With passengers-
Side airbags, front seat passengers should tilt the seat back as much as possible-
Never insert anything (
Package or something)
Between the upper body and the airbag exit.
* Short people, whether driving or as a front row-
Passengers on air bags should be high enough in their seats (
Or with this control or mat)
The airbags won\'t hit their faces. -
Or should sit in the back like the elderly and vulnerable passengers.
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