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The New Cushioning Bubble Packing Materials -Air Buffer Film

The New Cushioning Bubble Packing Materials -Air Buffer Film

Bubble film is also called gourd film, bubble wrap sheet and so on. It is made of high-pressure polyethylene as the main raw material. It is a new cushioning packaging material with light texture, good shock resistance and environmental protection. There are various kinds of bubble cushions on the market. Take the new type of environmental protection bubble cushion produced by Shanjian(Sunshinepack) Packaging as an example. The bubble cushion of Shanjian(Sunshinepack) Packaging is composed of 99% air and 1% PE film. It is a transparent soft packaging material commonly used at present. The principle is that the film contains air to form bubbles to prevent the product from collision and to ensure that the product plays a protective role when it is shaken. At the same time, it meets the requirements of modern environmental protection and is a green cushioning packaging material.

The use of bubble film can be said to be very wide, and it is suitable for packaging, transportation and protection of different types of products in all walks of life. And because it is filled with air in the middle, so the weight is very small, and flexible, can provide good compression, shock, wear and other functions.

Moreover, long-term online shoppers know that the whole process of goods from placing orders to receiving is relatively long, and transportation time is the majority. It has a long way to go and takes a long time. It is easy for products to collide and extrude in this process. Therefore, in order to solve this problem, the suggestion of Shanjian(Sunshinepack) Packaging is to use cushioning bubble cushion gourd film to protect the product. It can effectively reduce the impact of the product in transit, avoid damage to the goods and slow down the impact of the goods.

In addition, the air cushion film has the following advantages:                                                                                                                                                                                           

1. Clean and environmentally friendly appearance: it will not bring paper scraps and dust like paper. Your products are cleaner and more beautiful.

2. Easy and fast operation: use special inflate machine to inflate, while inflating, sealing, can continuously inflate, no need for human hands.

3. Printable: Logo can be printed to enhance the brand image.

4. Can be tear it by hand, without cutting: there is dotted line on the bag, can be tear it by hand directly, without cutting, more convenient and fast.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

5. Low cost: convenient and fast inflating and filling, improve packing efficiency, save labor, save labor costs, enhance the price competitiveness of your products; small size, light weight, no space, save storage and transportation costs.


It is precisely because of these advantages of the new bubble cushion gourd film, so it is now popular with the majority of e-commerce.

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