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The Many Configurations Available for Packaging Tables

by:Sunshinepack     2020-04-06
Packaging tables are designed for all kinds of industrial applications. They must be able to handle everything from tiny electronics to massive pieces of equipment. Configure a packaging workstation the proper way and the process runs like a well oiled machine. Design it incorrectly and operations may come to a standstill. It helps to work with a manufacturer to create a factory-direct solution, especially if the company is new or the facility is being redesigned. There are so many different configurations available that it can be overwhelming to someone inexperienced. Working with a design team makes it easier to find the best solution to customer needs. Some customers have a vision of how they want their packing stations configured but are unable to convert the concept into reality. This is where a professional designer can prove invaluable. The individual has designed many other workstations and may have encountered the same challenges in the past. Standard configurations include a table with adjustable upper shelves, a fixed top, and utility and file drawers. This allows the workstation to serve as both a packing station and standard desk. Documents and office supplies can be stored in the drawers when not in use, leaving the work top free for packaging. If a computer is used, an articulating monitor arm can be added to one side of the workstation frame. Packaging involves the use of packing materials so a lower roll holder comes in handy. Since rolls of packing paper are extremely heavy, adding a hydraulic lift makes things much easier for workers. Another roll holder under the upper shelf can be used to hold rolls of packing tape. Workers simply rip off the amount of paper they need, cut off the proper length of tape, and pack the product, storing it on the upper shelf until mailing. If products are packaged in boxes, installing a box holder on an upper or eye-level shelf is a smart idea. This unit features vertical dividers designed to separate different sizes of boxes. Workers can quickly grab the box they need without having to thumb through the supply. They can then assemble the box and pack the product at their workstation. An open shelf or cabinet underneath the work surface is the ideal place to store packaged items prior to labeling and shipping. For the most labor-intensive packaging operations, the roll holder can be moved above the work surface. This prevents workers from having to bend to access the packing paper. They instead pull the paper from above, tearing off the amount they need. After packing the product, they store it in a cabinet under the work surface. Hundreds of other configurations are available for packaging tables. When the proper design is selected, employees work smarter and faster. Increased productivity should be noticed shortly after installation of these packing workstations. The small investment in new industrial furnishings is usually more than made up for in a short time. Companies can then take this approach in other areas of the facility.
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