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the 7 best posture-saving backpacks, according to a chiropractor

by:Sunshinepack     2019-09-09
As the days are getting shorter and shorter, the temperature is getting lower and lower, and it\'s time (eek)
I started thinking about going back to school.
Help you get a jump at the best schools (and school-related)
Autumn supplies, we are running a series called \"cool school supplies\" in this series, we will sniff out the best backpacks, the best dorm decor and the best of many other things in many products
When we wear our backpacks, we usually think about our lazy T-
Thoughtful shirts and jeans (
If you want to know, this one. .
However, students from primary school to university are carrying them all their lives, so we should determine the best backpack for students (And their back)
We turn to Dr.
Scott botch of the American Chiropractic Association, who gave us something to look.
What is the first thing you would say to the parents who bought the backpack?
Buy a backpack as little as possible, as students may fill it up.
For young students aged 12 and under, more than 10% of their weight (
If they\'re 100 pounds, that\'s 10 pounds)
It breaks the posture and affects the gait, so do it if you can get a smaller backpack.
Is there anything to find on the shoulder strap?
Should be wide (
At least three finger widths)and S-
Shape, which means that it bends outward from the neck in this comfortable S-and then backward along the chestshape.
It can be very uncomfortable if it goes up and down in a straight line.
The padded nylon material that won\'t make you sweat is also important.
How about the interior?
I love the backpack and it can help you pack intuitively so the heavier items are closer to the body.
For example, the laptop case should be right on the back of the bag, leaning against the back.
Lighter items should be placed in smaller compartments on the outside.
I don\'t like any backpack that is just a huge open compartment.
The \"weight of 10%\" seems to be hard to follow.
Is there a way to pack more things safely?
Now you can allocate the weight of your hips with a hip pad and a backpack like a belt
Like a backpack for hiking.
This will allow you to put less pressure on the shoulders of children and even adults. Look for those.
What is the biggest mistake you can make when buying a backpack?
Don\'t prioritize fashion over features.
Of course, the backpack looks great and feels great, so don\'t create a skeletal problem by choosing a stylish but uncomfortable day backpack.
In addition, the child will grow and change, so don\'t stick to the backpack, or even worse, buy a huge backpack for your child.
Parents always say they want a backpack that can last for years, but that\'s the worst thing you can do.
\"I consulted on this backpack.
You can see that it has an ergonomic shoulder strap and a hip ring on it to distribute the weight more evenly.
I also believe that in order to create a sustainable day package, people in the North must focus on all aspects of the environment.
\"I like the other one because obviously the Osprey has a big high-
But this small package is perfect for school kids.
\"Osprey Youth Jet 12 backpack buy at Amazon: $50\", a new company called MoonRock (
Based in Hong Kong)
It is specially designed for the following people12 students.
Everything we talked about, they did a good job.
Shoulder straps and hip pads are both thick and comfortable.
One of my favorite backpacks I \'ve seen for a long time.
Please note that the price on the website is Hong Kong dollars (roughly $88).
\"MoonRock MR3 schooolpack bought it for $690:\" These are expensive, but they are the lightest of all backpacks.
I met them about ten years ago and actually gave them to my children.
They are the lightest thing for children.
Tough Traveler T-
Double Cay backpack purchase: $155 for Amazon \"go to higher places\"
At the end of the sports store, you can find great ergonomic backpacks for the kids with hip pads and padded shoulder straps. ”REI Co-
Op Tarn 18 Pack purchased at REI: $40 \"you can see the hip pad on this backpack, which will help to distribute the weight to the hips instead of using it all the time to aggravate your shoulders.
This is great for college students.
Batagonia snow drift bag 30 LBuy it: $84 (50 percent off)
At Patagonia, \"You have to look a bit harder from a more mainstream brand, but JanSport uses S-
The same is true for belts and hip belts.
JanSport Odyssey backpack purchase: JetThe strategy is priced at $100 and aims to provide the most useful expert advice for the vast e-commerce market
Commercial landscape.
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