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Sunshinepack High-quality airbag material manufacturers for delivery

Sunshinepack High-quality airbag material manufacturers for delivery

Sunshinepack High-quality airbag material manufacturers for delivery

Factory Price
Supply Ability
1,500,000 pieces per month
Payment Terms
T/T,L/C,Cash,Western Union,PayPal
Min.Order Quantity
SGS,ISO9001 and RoHS
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product nameshock-proof canned snacks air column bag
craftheat seal
size before inflateL210*W0.24*H230MM/bag
inner size after inflateL100*W70*H70MM/bag
MOQ of the size of spots goods5000 pcs
MOQ of customized10000 pcs
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Why does food need to be packed with air column package?                                                                                                                                                                                                  

In our daily online shopping, the most common foods are: beverages, wines, dairy products, condiments, canned foods, biscuits, snacks, and other foods.To sum up, all of them are fragile products, so a good protective packaging is absolutely necessary!                                                                                                                                                                               

Because of the particularity of food (direct contact with our mouth), we need to choose a non-toxic, environmental protection, and cushioning and shockproof filling material.

As a new type of environmental protection buffer filling material, air column bag is the most suitable packing material for food and beverage. It is made of non-toxic, environmental friendly and degradable raw materials. It has no peculiar smell, no toxic gas after burning, no pollution to food and beverage, and ensures the health and safety of customers. It can be described as killing two birds with one stone!


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Different packing methods can be customized according to shipping requirements.
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can pack by carton

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or by roll


1.Q:Does it must use be inflate by automatically machine?
   A:no,also can use air pump.

2.Q:What else can air column bag bring besides a good buffer effect?
   A:It also improves the image of the product, and if the logo is printed on the bag, it can also play a free publicity role.

3.Q:Can special shaped  be customized of this air column bag?
   A:Yes, of course, in addition to the regular round and square, we can also make special packing designs according to the appearance of the product.

4.Q:May i have a small test order?
   A: Yes,first order we can accept a small quantity.

5.Q: How many pcs per carton?
   A: Usually 500-1000 pcs/carton.

6.Q: How many pcs per roll?
   A:That depending on the side of your bag,usually is 300 meters of each roll.

Sunshinepack is outstanding by its unique design. It is an ideal choice for both indoor and outdoor environments
airbag material is made of plastic air bags packaging and has the advantages of plastic air bags packaging. The product is certified under BV, TUV and SGS
plastic air bags packaging materials ensure plastic air bags packaging get high performance. It will not float in the liquid and is also great for vase fillers
Selecting high quality of airbag material materials, airbag material is healthy to be used. The product is tempered to withstand high temperature
With its key component being plastic air bags packaging, plastic air bags packaging has a good performance on plastic air bags packaging. It is dry and clean, offering people a good touch feeling
Product quality complies with current regulations and standards. The product is very easy to clean
Superior performance and long service life make the product competitive. It can be manufactured with different sizes to satisfy the needs of various applications
Since our professional quality control personnel track the quality throughout the production process, the product is guaranteed to have zero defects. The product is very easy to clean
Strict quality control system is the guarantee of product quality. It is very safe to use and produces no cauterization
The quality of this product is guaranteed to withstand a variety of rigorous tests.
The quality and performance of this product meets industrial and international standards.
The use of this product can effectively help prevent foot problems such as fungal nail infections, the pain of the feet and serious joint. It is widely accepted in many areas like Europe and the Middle East
This product is useful in reducing foot muscle fatigue. It gives enough support to the arch and comfort to the feet during walking. The product is certified under BV, TUV and SGS
By providing all-day along comfort and support for people's feet, This product helps provide an easy-walk experience for people. The excellent wear resistance and strong corrosion to acid and alkali make it stand out
The advantage of shoes made from this kind of material is that they tend to be comparatively quite inexpensive for both the manufacturer and consumer as compared with other types of shoes. The product features high hardness and uniform structure
One of our customers said: "these are absolutely the best and most comfortable product I have ever used. I can actually walk without excessive foot pain and limping." It has bright colors and is not easy to fade
Furnishing a space with this product has a lot of stylish and practical benefits. It has been a practical choice for interior designs. The solid phase reaction during the production process makes it chemically stable
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