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stunt man misses center of air bag, dies in leap from 7th floor of l.a. factory

by:Sunshinepack     2019-08-17
On Sunday, a stunt man who filmed exercises jumping was killed, jumping 120 feet from the 7 th floor of a factory building in the city center, missing a center to cushion the airbag that fell, fire officials in Los Angeles say.
When the 26-year-old kalabassas stunt man Brett smoz jumped off the mission furniture manufacturing company, his head hit the sidewalk.
About 9: 15, built in industrial and Mateo Street. m.
Captain Tom McMaster said.
A senior stunt actor, who appeared with actions such as \"V\", \"Turk 182\" and \"Rocky III\", was taken to Los Angeles County by caregivers --
He died at the University of Southern California Medical Center after a severe head injury at 10: 04 A. M. m.
Hospital spokesman Adelaide de la Cerda said.
His twin brother, Brian smoz, said-
Also a stunt man. -
Another former photographer\'s brother, Greg, is taking promotional photos to show their abilities at the time of the accident.
McMaster said they did not have the permission of the owners and the city permit required to perform the stunts.
Brother Smrz climbed the fire passage in order to reach seventh place
Brian Smrz successfully jumped into floor-to-ceiling windows on 20 floorsby-18-
It\'s the foot airbag, McMaster said.
But when Brett smoz jumped down, he knocked out the bag. center.
\"He did hit some bags, but it wasn\'t enough to break the pace of fall,\" McMaster said . \".
Joani Camp, agent of the Smrz brothers, said Brett Smrz was proficient in battle sequences and waterfalls.
The pair, she said, may be practicing for the upcoming movie called Master of the universe.
\"His brothers are shocked now, but they will be fine,\" Camp said . \".
\"Everyone is looking forward to death in this industry.
It came with the territory.
\"Assistant Fire Captain Frank Boden was called to the scene because the airbags used by the stuntman were similar to those recently purchased by the city\'s fire department as rescue devices.
\"We want to know what\'s going on,\" Borden said . \".
\"Maybe we can learn something from this tragedy.
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