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Solution of Apple Air Column Bag Packaging

Solution of Apple Air Column Bag Packaging

China is the largest apple producer in the world, with annual output of 24 million tons. Northwest Loess Plateau and Bohai Bay are the most suitable apple producing areas in China. With the rise of various domestic e-commerce platforms, apples have already been sold to thousands of households through the Internet!

A good apple, after several days of express delivery,why deliveried to the customer's hands but become rotten fruits? The original reason is that the fruits is damaged by impact and extrusion during transportation. If the fruit is too sealed during transportation, it will cause too high temperature, which will accelerate the ripening time of the apple, lead to wrinkling and crushing of the apple, resulting in a series of after-sales problems.

foam net as the most common fruit packaging material, it can play some cushioning effect even though it is cheap, but it has many disadvantages. 1., the foam net sleeve is light and thin, which can not effectively protect the product from damage. It is easy to produce some minor injuries under impact. 2. In cold winter, it is impossible to prevent cold and heat preservation, resulting in frostbite of fruits.

According to the feedback from the businessmen and the market demand, Shanjian (sunshinepack) packaging designed some good air column bag of Apple airbag packaging solutions, we made a variety bag design,that can meet different packaging needs! After packaging apples with air column bags, it can not only completely resist the impact encountered in the transportation process, protect apples from damage, but also play a role of constant temperature, which not only avoids frostbite, but also protects the taste and beauty of apples! Give the buyer a good shopping experience at the same time, but also reduce the after-sales loss of the merchants!

In addition to Apple air column packaging solutions, we also designed for  kiwifruit, peach, avocado, watermelon, Hami melon and other fruit's buffer air column packaging solutions, and effectively implemented in the application of fruits. Very popular and appreciated! Nowadays, more and more fruit and vegetable businessman choose air-column packaging materials, which is the biggest affirm of air-column packaging materials from the market!

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