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shocking baby launch video lands teen behind bars

by:Sunshinepack     2019-09-05
-After an online video showing a young man pushing a baby out of the room with an inflatable pillow a few feet, a Georgian teenager faces charges of child abuse.
The video posted on YouTube shows that the boy puts a baby on one side of a big yellow pillow, then jumps to the pillow and lets the child fly a few feet on the floor where the baby lands and cries
He really has no explanation.
Just thought it would be fun to put it on YouTube, \"Col.
Duane Sepp from the Lee County Sheriff\'s Office told Fox News.
\"It\'s all about the glory of five seconds or whatever, I think, to 8-month-old child.
Click here to watch the shocking video. The 16-year-
Lao Li County boy was arrested Tuesday after a school teacher saw the video and called the sheriff\'s office.
The boy\'s name was not released because of his age.
\"This will be dealt with in the juvenile court, although there is some time in detention that can be placed on juvenile offenders,\" Sepp said . \".
\"I\'m sure the judge will take this matter very seriously and when the tape is shown I don\'t think it will be as interesting as he [s]the offender]
Thought it was like this.
\"The teenager was charged with a felony of child abuse and a minor offence of the same charge.
Sepp told Fox News that the teenager who shot the baby launch with a mobile phone is not currently facing charges.
\"The investigation is in progress,\" Sepp said . \".
\"It\'s not over yet.
We\'re still investigating.
\"The video has been deleted from YouTube.
The child is fine, Sepp said.
The Associated Press contributed to the report.
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