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Several Common Causes of Air Leakage in Air Column Bags

Several Common Causes of Air Leakage in Air Column Bags

Air-column bag has good shock-proof, compressive and impact-proof cushioning protection effect. It is the best cushioning packaging product at present and has been widely used in the booming logistics and e-commerce industries. In the fields of electronic product packaging, pottery and porcelain, precision instruments, alcoholic drinks and food, arts and crafts, more and more air-column bag cushioning packaging has appeared.

With the widespread application of air-column bags, many customers find that the problem of air-filling and leaking after purchasing air-column bags leads to poor cushioning protection and packaging experience. In the following section, the possible causes of air leak in air column packaging are discussed.

The first reason for air leakage of air column bag is poor production. In the production process if the machine temperature control is not good. The insufficient temperature will result in improper line pressing or edge sealing of air column bags, and air leakage will occur when air column bags are opened or sealed. If the temperature is too high, the raw material film will be ironed, leading to loopholes or cracks. In the production process of Sunshinepack packaging, strict operation norms and quality testing are carried out. Strict quality control reduces the bad rate to less than 0.1%.

The second reason for air leakage of air column bag is that there are sharp objects or small particles in the packaging or in the packaging environment. The PE/PA coextrusion film of 50 to 100 microns is usually used in the raw material of air column bag. In the process of the inflator, if the film encounters sharp objects or particles, it will easily lead to air leakage and puncture of air column bag. This requires parents to prepare a clean and tidy packing table when using air column bags. The absence of sharp objects, small particles or hard burrs will basically eliminate the accidental leakage caused by the packaging environment.

The third reason for air leakage of air column bag is incorrect to the use of air pressure to inflate. It is easy to broken when the pressure is too high. Although the air column bag has the advantages of the independent air column, the single air column leakage does not affect the cushioning effect of other air columns. Low air pressure may also lead to the tight confining structure of gas column and slow air leakage.

The fourth reason for air leakage of air column bag is a natural leak. This situation does not affect normal use. Because the air pressure in the air column bag is greater than the external pressure, a small number of gas molecules will escape through the air column bag. After the measurement, Our engineer usually gets more evident gas escape after filling the airbag in a cool and dry indoor environment for about 6 months. If we continue to use it, we simply need to inflate it to normal condition.

Sunshinepack Packaging is dedicated to providing customers with high quality, cost-effective and reliable air column bag cushioning packaging solutions. Creating value and growing together with customers is the business philosophy we have been adhering to.

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