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scottish packaging firm macfarlane group makes brexit plan

by:Sunshinepack     2019-08-23
The boss of the UK\'s largest protective packaging dealer is \"highly confident\" and after refusing, he can still serve his customersdeal Brexit.
Peter Atkinson of Macfarlane Group said there would be difficulties if the UK withdrew from the EU, but added that the contingency plan was in place.
He commented in Glasgow.
The US-based company reported a ninth consecutive year of growth.
Sales in 2018 were 217, up from 196 in the previous year.
Pre-tax profits and 1-
The cost is 11. 2m -
20% ahead of 2017
British Prime Minister Theresa May is trying to finalize a Brexit deal with EU leaders in Brussels before the planned Brexit date next month --
But the final agreement has not yet been reached.
Mr. Atkinson told the BBC Good Morning Scotland: \"We are relatively fortunate that most of the products we purchase come from UK suppliers --
Only 10% of what we buy comes from outside the UK.
Asked if one
He added: \"There will certainly be some difficulties for the UK to withdraw from the EU, but, all the planning and preparation we have done so far has given us great confidence, we can continue to serve our customers effectively.
Norman McFarlane founded the McFarlane Group 70 years ago.
Lord McFarlane now
Who started selling stationery from one-
Guest room office in the center of arkadelong.
Mr. Atkinson said to the company\'s current situation: \"Internet retail has always been an important part of our growth story.
\"It now accounts for 20% of our income.
A whole set of customers from Burberry (
Cosmetics retailer)Feel Unique.
Atkinson also said the Macfarlane Group is working as the company is under pressure to cut packaging waste.
\"We are dealers and we don\'t have a factory to support us.
We can choose products that suit our customers\' needs.
Part of what we do is to advise our customers.
\"Most of the corrugated board we buy comes from recycled paper, and a large part of the plastic we buy is also from recycled goods.
Mr. Atkinson added that Macfarlane Group is ready to announce a range of businesses this year to support its customers who want to expand in Europe.
Follow the BBC host Andrew Black\'s business update every weekday morning between 0600 and 0900 of the BBC\'s Good Morning Scotland show.
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