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Review of Maruti Ertiga: Smart Exterior and Interior

by:Sunshinepack     2020-04-01
Maruti Suzuki Ertiga is a 7-seater Life Utility Vehicle (LUV) that is it neither an MPV nor SUV. The Maruti Ertiga's exterior has set a standard for most popular cars like Chevrolet Tavera, Mahindra Xylo and Toyota Innova. The alloy wheels and the Suzuki sign embedded on the mesh-like frontier gives the car a classy and luxurious look. Maruti Ertiga is smaller in size as compared to the Toyota Innova. The roof is high enough to give room and comfort to the head area. One amazing thing about the Maruti is its elegant and brilliant exterior packaging. The Maruti is actually of the same size as the Toyota Etios but Suzuki was able to make it a seven comfortable seater vehicle. Its code name 'Swift with Three Rows' attests to its speed, compatibility and holding ability. The Maruti is said to be the best car for the urban person because it has more space in a compact and strong body and is able to climb hills easily and swiftly. Besides, there is enough room for luggage and passengers. The tail design of the Maruti is a bit conventional seeing it has rear lamps that look a bit like the Honda Jazz. There might not have been any innovation for the rear part of the car; nonetheless the whole structure with its engineering master design gives the Maruti Ertiga a breathtaking look. The Maruti Ertiga looks very beautiful and its design is far removed from the normal Japanese design with its large back headlight, minimal overhang, and sporty bumper with massive air dumps. Space The doors are wide and the spaces behind the driver's seat are large and very comfortable. Moreover the third row can be folded to make room for luggage. Maruti Suzuki can accommodate 7 adult passengers. Features The Maruti Ertiga is equipped with an electrically adjustable rear view mirror for the driver's use. It has a power steering which can be adjusted and entry is keyless. It also has a central locking system. To prevent the driver from taking his eyes off the road while driving, there are audio controls on the steering wheel which enables the driver to regulate the music. The music system in the Maruti is a Kenwood music player with one CD player and FM/AM radio. The Maruti Ertiga is equipped with airbags for drivers and passengers, power windows and a central door lock making it a safe urban family car.
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