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ready for the worst

by:Sunshinepack     2019-09-05
Can Pune handle air strikes across the border?
Can it handle a series of bomb blasts?
Yes, said the important person. In a one-on-
One with PT, pune™The main man will do some tough talk.
Police Council Ranjitsingh Sharma: We have been doing regular rehearsals as required by the state government™S disaster management plan (DMP).
I don\'t want to give details.
We are well prepared to respond to any natural or man-made disaster.
My advice to Puneites is to stay calm during the crisis and not spread rumors and call the police: 612 2880/6296 or 100.
Our website is accessible to the public: www. punepolice.
For more information, visit com.
Chief fire officer Laxman Raut: we simulated the two critical situations of riots and bomb explosions, and recently conducted a mock exercise with the city police.
We timed our response and were happy with the results.
We plan to conduct a mock exercise with the civil defense team soon.
My advice to Puneites in an emergency is to stay calm and evacuate the injured to the nearest hospital, not necessarily the theSassoon hospital.
People must also avoid crowded bomb sites.
Thomas Benjamin, Municipal Commissioner of Pune: I am specifying RS 5 in the new municipal budget relief and rescue effort.
We will buy two big hi-cranes, 3-
4 small cranes, chainsaws, axes, cutters and inflatable pillows all for rescue operations.
We will also buy nuclear biochemistry warfare (NBC)
Our fireman\'s mask and suit.
In addition, pmc-™The first trauma care hospital in Bopodi was built in October.
We have also set up nearly 15,000 volunteer teams for disaster management throughout the city.
These young people don\'t know.
A one-day workshop was held at our central fire station to learn the basics of fire rescue operations.
We have a record of their address and phone number.
We held a meeting of the district disaster management committee at the end of five years.
Delegates from the police, army, air force, fire, municipal and irrigation departments were all asked to rehearse and be vigilant.
We will have another meeting in the middle.
Feedback and suggestions were received in June.
Rahulchandawarkar @ indiatimes.
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