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prep your home for overnight guests

by:Sunshinepack     2019-09-04
(RealSimple. com)--Think-
The idea and system in advance can make your guests have a pleasant visit.
Room selection problem: you don\'t have a spare bedroom.
Solution: You can invest in inflatable mattresses, but most of them are still made of vinyl and can be pierced with stray safety pins or cat claws.
Look for a model with a thick padded top, such as an aerobic premium pillowcase, or cover the bed with a mattress pad to provide a cushion cover.
Simpler solution?
A feather bed like the CuddleSoft feather bed on the Pacific coast.
\"It can be rolled tightly for easy storage, and the extra cushion makes the sofa--or the floor --
Home organization Workbook: Clean up your clutter step by step, says Meryl Starr, author.
\"In the end, instead of throwing away the old mattress, consider putting it under the bed (If space allows
So you can slide it out when the guest arrives.
Tip: Look for Zipper allergensproof pillow-cases.
\"They reduce exposure to dust worms, which are one of the most common allergens,\" said James Seltzer, an allergy scientist in Oceanside, California . \". Mini-
The problem of toiletries used by guests: You are not willing to share everything-
That\'s your soap, toothpaste, towels, and expensive salon shampoo.
Solution: new soap, shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrush, razor and shower gel should meet the basic needs of anyone.
Next time you stay at a hotel or resort, remember to take the small cosmetic bottle away.
Sample size is perfect for weekend guests and visitors will not want to know where soap has been.
Or stock up on your trip
On your next trip to a pharmacy or Minimus, you can use the size toiletries.
Dedicated to the website of mini products including toiletries.
To keep track of towels and towels, different colors are provided for each guest so that everyone can identify their own color at any time.
Wash and store towels when guests leave by car (
And sheets, a light cotton blanket and heavy quilts for cold nights)
Until the next visitor arrives.
Closet space problem for guests: you don\'t have enough closet space solution: Although most peopleof-
Towners want to stay in the suitcase and feel more comfortable if guests can open up the essentials.
In addition, providing them with a place to open the package means that it is unlikely that they will cover their clothes in an extra bedroom or living room.
The laundry Butler provides an additional 3 feet of hanging space, which is neatly folded and easy to store.
The next time you host a party, you can also use it to hang wet clothes in the laundry room or as a temporary hanger.
The suitcase holder makes the case more accessible than the case on the floor, so guests are more likely to keep their stuff intact.
If you have a spare bedroom, sheets, towels and other items are reserved for guests in one or two vanity drawers.
When you make the bed for the guests and place towels, you will immediately prepare two empty drawers for their clothes.
Guest Entertainment ideas questions: you want to entertain guests but you don\'t have time. (
Otherwise you won\'t be able to handle the \"Shark\" at the local pier!
\"Attract again. )
Solution: point them in the right direction.
First, provide maps of streets, buses and subways to let them know how to get around.
Stacy DeBroff, co-author of \"mom center: the ultimate family organizer\", said that for event ideas, start with entertainment or the Town section of the local newspaper.
\"Guests can view a list of plays, movies or concerts, or a list of other local events.
In addition, provide guests with local magazines as inspiration, as well as other magazines and books so they can browse before going to bed.
DeBroff said that you finished the paperback a few years ago and wrote \"Please take me home\" on it \".
\"Guests may want to finish reading when they start reading.
Emergency services for guests-
Contact information and general phone numbers, and any other basic details about the House and the neighborhood in case you don\'t explain there that the hot water is running out ---yikes! --20 minutes. E-
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