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plastic-wrapped mandarins withdrawn by whole foods

by:Sunshinepack     2019-08-20
After photos of customers and tweets went viral, the whole food market has canceled the sale of peeled citrus in plastic packaging.
The tweet, which criticized plastic waste, was posted on Thursday and has since been forwarded 60,000 times.
Bureaucrats, a simple
In some stores in Northern California, people can buy a variety of peels called Sumos.
Whole Foods then wrote on Twitter: \"This is definitely our mistake.
These are all pulled.
Twitter user Nathalie Gordon posted the photo and wrote: \"If nature can find a way to cover these oranges, then we don\'t need to waste so much plastic on them.
She posted a photo of the Minister of Sumo under her.
The Whole Foods Market said in a news statement: \"Many of our customers like the convenience offered by our cut production, which is a simple case for a few stores to try seasonal products.
\"Orange and orange slices have always been people\'s favorites in our store.
We are happy that some customers point it out so we can take a closer look and put sumo in their natural packaging --the peel.
Retailers have told the BBC that packed oranges and oranges will still be on the shelves.
Sumo is the trademark name of a citrus fruit, which is easier to peel, sweet, seed-free and large than ordinary citrus.
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