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plastic waste: agency says gurugramâx80x99s plastic waste daily yield only 20 tonnes, experts disagree | gurgaon news - times of india

by:Sunshinepack     2019-08-27
GURUGRAM: a private agency hired by MCG said that only about 20 of the nearly 930 tons of garbage produced by households in the city per day are plastic garbage.
However, the expert not only rejected the agency\'s claim, but also questioned the method of reaching such a low numberÃ-
Plastic scrap.
According to EcoGreen Energy, the agency responsible for the management of solid waste in the city, about 16-
20 tons of plastic waste is collected by workers from all over the city every day.
It transports waste from all four areas of the city to the Bandhwari waste plant.
Two factors have led to a relatively low collection of plastic waste in the city.
First, a large amount of plastic material has been collected in the informal sector (rag pickers)
From various dumps.
Second, Ankit Aggarwal, CEO of Ecogreen Energy, said that citizens\' initiatives to recycle plastic waste have reduced the number of such strikes.
These data are not accepted by experts.
Cities like guluk cannot produce only 20 tons of plastic waste a day.
These numbers are not reliable at all.
There are so many non-governmental organizations, even studying students, who are conducting appropriate sampling studies.
In South Delhi, 18-
20% of the total solid mixed waste is dry.
Similarly, about 50% of dry waste is plastic.
This means that if the city produces about 900 tons of waste per day, plastic waste should be at least 90-100 tonnes.
It\'s hard to believe that the city is recycling 80% of its plastic waste, says DrShyamala Mani, professor of waste management and environmental health at the National Institute of Urban Affairs (NIUA).
A study conducted by a group of citizens shows that in a society with 195 kg families, 500 of dry waste is produced every day (
Middle and high income people).
Plastic bags accounted for 30 kg, packaging materials accounted for 20 kg, plastic components accounted.
Ruchika Sethi, part of some civic movements, stressed the need to measure plastic waste from surface area rather than weight.
Plastic garbage is lighter than other dry garbage, but the pollution is more serious.
More worrying, she said, is the discovery of large quantities of plastic in the open air places throughout the city, which will never be recycled.
Environmental activist Vaishali Rana Chandra says the data are very unreliable.
In a city like Gurgaon where there is no suitable recycling device, plastic waste is a major problem.
Only 20 tons a day.
NB Nair, a retired Bhabha Atomic Research Center scientist specializing in air quality monitoring, says it produces many highly toxic contaminants, whether it\'s burning or burning plastic waste.
When asked in a timely manner, a MCG official said that in the past, we have divided waste into four categories: dry, wet, hygienic and dangerous.
However, there is no specific study on the production of plastic waste in the city.
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