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pillow speaker

by:Sunshinepack     2019-09-02
This will show you how to make a simple pillow with two built-in speakers.
Just like the \"pillows that sleep well\" on the market \".
This means that you can plug in any audio device, Ipod, computer, etc, listen to music or watch a movie without getting stuck with your headphones.
Other similar instructions place the speaker in an external device, in a tin can under the pillow, or on a cushion fixed to the top.
As far as I know, this is the first instruction to install the speaker on the pillow.
In addition, the novelty of the customized pillowcase (
Shine in the dark)
You may have all these things.
I made this as a gift so I decided to buy a new pillow and case. You will need:-
Pillow and pillowcase-
Old headphones, headphones are not ideal, but will-Female 3.
Jack connector 5mmWire-Soldering iron-Solder-Heat-shrink tubing-Scissors-
Needle and thread
You may need 2 parts of epoxy or hot glue :-Fabrics paints-Brush-
DrillThis is completely optional, but since I made it as a gift, I think I should dress up a little bit.
I put it first because it takes a long time to dry.
Make sure your pillowcase is clean and ironing first.
Then fix it on your work surface (
There are newspapers below to prevent paint from penetrating).
Then draw your design with a pencil.
I did this.
The type design of music notes can be copied at will or used by itself.
You can squeeze fabric paint directly out of the tube, but this tends to be a bit unpredictable, causing a lot of stains :(.
After that, I draw with a brush, which also allows for finer details.
After drying in black, I outlined my design with glowing paint.
To see any glowing effect, you need to wear this very thick.
Let your paint dry for 24 hours, then turn the case over and clean it.
All headphones will be a little different.
The speakers of my headphones were attached to a black plastic board and I took all the other plastic and left the plastic board.
You may want to keep your original wire.
I found them hard to weld and a bit fragile so I decided
Weld and remove them.
When you\'re done, you\'ll have two identical speaker units.
My speakers have these convenient holes on the substrate.
If you don\'t, then you should drill some very small holes and be careful not to damage the speaker cone.
Weld the speakers as shown below.
The wire connecting the two speakers should be around 30 cm.
The other three lines should be more like 50 cmOpen female 3. 5mm jack.
There will be three contacts, a small gold contact, a small silver contact, and a large clip-on contact.
The ground wire should be welded to the maximum contact.
The right speaker should weld small silver contacts, left to small gold contacts. Heat-
Shrink tube should be used to stop short circuit.
I doubt if you will notice that the stereo sound is reversed, it doesn\'t matter.
Important: Make sure the collar of 3. 5mm jack plug (
The one you screwed)
There are three wires through it before you weld everything!
You can\'t wear it after that.
I then lay out the speakers like I put on the pillow, bend the wires to the proper sides, and stick them to the substrate to prevent them from moving around or pulling the first mark (in pencil)
It\'s probably where your speakers are.
Then, at the seams on the short side, open a hole and let you put the speakers in.
Note: The Speaker should face the pillow, I.
What they face in the photo is people who are far away from you.
The speakers are roughly attached to the underside of the pillow core and once in place you can start sewing them to the back of the pillow (
Holes made before use).
This can be a bit tricky and you may need a hand to get the needle through the pillow.
Once both speakers are in place, you can cut a very small hole above the seam (see picture)
Screw the plug together
Make sure to fix some fabric in the screws to keep it in place.
Now you can sew the hole you made (
Test the speakers still work before you turn them off).
I don\'t know what\'s best (
I used the one you turned over the top).
But this will also be hidden :)
It\'s not really necessary either, but since I\'m in trouble with a nice and neat jack plug, it\'s a shame to hide it.
I started by crossing a crossroads where the jack plug was.
Then fold it back and stitch it in place.
I don\'t know how long it will last, but it doesn\'t look too bad.
Now all you have to do is plug in your favorite audio device and you will fall asleep happily if crazy glow doesn\'t keep you awake: s(
Crazy glowing pictures will be added after I get back a night\'s pillow from my brother)
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