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Packaging Methods for Light Sensitive Materials

by:Sunshinepack     2020-04-02
In some industries not only is the packaging style important but also the material that the packaging is made of in order to protect the items within. Light sensitive materials such as photography film, graphic printing paper, photochemicals and many others require a light tight seal on their packaging. Most plastic packaging methods do not provide this protection unless they have been tinted with a colorant or have multi-layers of material to protect the items. The solution for this packaging dilemma is to incorporate various materials for the product's packaging. By including multiple resources and packaging solutions, the security of light sensitive materials can be properly attained. Top Materials For Light Sensitivity Packaging solutions using the latest in pulp thermoforming and molded fiber packaging ensure light sensitive materials have a stronger barrier against light. In photo labs, film must be packaged under the strictest of light infiltration prevention. Because film as well as printing paper and photochemicals can easily be exposed before arriving to the consumer, there is also a problem of correct temperature storage as well as humidity. Plastic packaging must be incorporated to protect these two important areas. Photochemistry is a delicate science that can fall victim to the easiest of light leaks. Without the mixture of both plastics and cardboard or paper, consumers cannot use the though packaging light sensitive materials can be a bit of a limitation, there are packaging solutions available for these materials. By using certain protective measures for the packaging, light sensitive materials can easily be stored within a pulp created box and a plastic sealed container. Because these two packaging materials are lightweight. Photographers/Graphics Main Needs In the photography and graphics industry, artists need materials that can be easily accessible without spoiling the item before use. Because certain protocols must be followed to ensure the materials are kept fresh, artists find that plastic packaging needs to be lightweight as well as prescribing to the light tight characteristics. With photochemistry, the two colors that block out light are red and black and because of this most packaging materials are colored as such. Transparent packaging is not feasible for such packaging needs and can expose items even if sealed within a cardboard box. By using pulp thermoforming or molded fiber packaging, materials can be sealed within a plastic packaging and a barrier can be made for light. These materials are also lightweight and can easily be carried.
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