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online retailer redbubble criticised over auschwitz-themed pillows and miniskirts

by:Sunshinepack     2019-09-03
Auschwitz Memorial has criticized an online retailer for selling pillows.
A shirt and mini skirt depicting the former Nazi concentration camp.
Redbubble lists dozens of products online featuring images taken on the site, a \"global marketplace\" that allows users to sell items with their own photos.
As with screenshots of controversial items circulating online, Auschwitz Memorial posted on the website asking: \"Do you really think selling pillows, mini skirts or handbags with pictures of Auschwitz, etc.
A place of great human tragedy.
1 million people murdered.
This is rather disturbing and disrespectful.
\"We are grateful that this has caught our attention,\" Redbubble replied after a short period of time . \".
The nature of the content is unacceptable and does not conform to our community guidelines.
We are taking immediate action to remove these and similar works on these product types.
\"Redbubble is the owner of an online marketplace where independent users are responsible for the pictures they upload.
We have the on-site reporting feature and thank you for understanding these issues.
\"Although these products are no longer available, there are still dozens of products listed on the website of Redbubble.
The mats with images of the entrance to the camp are listed, and some of these items are priced up to £ 55.
Millions of people were killed in concentration camps built by the Nazis, most of them Jews.
The Holocaust is one of the worst atrocities in history. The Auschwitz-
The Birkenau camp, which is still open as a museum in Poland, is visited by millions every year.
Redbubble is the latest online retailer to be criticized for the poor taste of advertising products.
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