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nigerian survives shipwreck using air bubble for 2 days

by:Sunshinepack     2019-08-25
Two days after being trapped in the icy waters, Harrison Okun was trapped on a flipped tug on the bottom of the sea, breathing from the bubbles, and he was sure he would die.
Then a torch lit up the darkness.
29-year-old onboard chef Okene at Jascon-
On May 26, a tugboat capsized 30 kilometers off the coast of Nigeria due to a surge in the Atlantic Ocean, while stabilizing a tanker refuelling on the Chevron platform.
Of the 12 people on board, 10 bodies were found by divers, while another crew member was not found.
Somehow, Okene survived, breathing 4 feet high bubbles, and as the bubbles contract in the water, it slowly rises from the ceiling of his little toilet seeking refuge and adjacent bedrooms, until two South African divers finally saved him.
\"I was in the water of complete darkness thinking it was the end.
I always thought the water would fill the room, but that\'s not the case, \"said Okene, and a few days later some of his skin fell off after being soaked in salt water.
\"I\'m so hungry, but I\'m basically too thirsty.
\"Salt water takes off the skin on my tongue,\" he said . \".
The Sea went into his mouth, but he had nothing to eat or drink during his whole ordeal. At 4:50 a. m.
On May 26, Okene said he was in the toilet when he realized that the tugboat was starting to capsize.
When the water came in, Jascon-
He turned over and forcibly opened the metal door.
\"It was dark when I came out of the toilet, so we tried to connect our way out with the tides (exit hatch)
Okene told Reuters in his hometown of Oil City Warri, Nigeria.
Producing the Niger Delta.
\\ How long can a person survive without food and water?
There are three people in front of me in the extreme story of survival, and suddenly the water is full.
I saw the first one, the second one, and the third one just washed off.
I knew these guys were dead.
\"What he did not know was that he would be trapped under the sea for the next two and a half days, praying to find him.
Oken turned away from his only exit and was rushed to another toilet along a narrow passage by raging water, this time, when the overturned ship hit the bottom of the sea, he and one
To his surprise, he was still breathing.
O\'ken only wore underwear and lived in the 4 feet-square-meter toilet for a day. he grabbed the overturned washbasin and did not let his head enter the water.
In 17 days, a woman was buried among the red American tourists, and at shipwreckHe took the courage to open the door, swam into the police officer\'s bedroom, and began to remove the paneling from the wall, lift yourself out of the cold water with a raft
He felt that he was not alone in the dark.
\"I am very, very cold and black.
\"I can\'t see anything,\" said o\'ken, staring at the distance in the middle.
\"But I can feel that the body of my crew is nearby.
I can smell them.
The fish came in and began to eat the body.
I can hear the sound. It was horror.
\"What Okene does not know is a team of divers sent by Chevron, the owner of which West Africa venture capital is looking for crew members who believe the crew has died.
On the afternoon of May 28, Okun heard them.
\"I heard the hammer hitting the ship.
Prosperity, prosperity, prosperity.
I swam down and found a water dispenser.
I pulled the water filter and knocked on the side of the container hoping someone could hear me.
The diver must have heard the sound.
The diver broke in and Okene saw a light from the torch that had swam through the room along the corridor.
\"I went into the water and patted him.
\"I waved my hand and he was shocked and his relief was still visible,\" Okun said . \".
He thought he was under the sea, although the company said it was 30 metres under the sea.
He said that the diving team was equipped with oxygen masks, diving suits and helmets for Okan, who arrived at the surface of the water more than 60 hours after the ship sank.
Okene said he spent another 60 hours in the decompression room, where his blood pressure returned to normal.
If he was exposed directly to the air outside, he would die.
The chef described his extraordinary survival story as a \"miracle\", but the time he spent in the dark of the water still bothers him, and he is not sure he will return to the sea.
\"When I was at home, sometimes it felt like the bed I slept in was sinking.
I think I\'m in the sea again.
\"I jumped up and screamed,\" said Oken, shaking his head.
\"I don\'t know what prevented the water from filling that room.
I am calling God. He did it.
This is a miracle.
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