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New Product Design - Use 3D Modelling

by:Sunshinepack     2020-04-07
We live in an amazing time when it really is possible for anyone to live their dreams. No matter what you dream of doing, it's possible now thanks to the internet and many other new technologies to get your ideas out there and to start selling them to the general public. Let's say you want to be a writer for instead - then you can now publish your word online on a website and make money from Google AdSense. Using SEO even the advertising is free. Alternatively let's say you want to become an inventor - then thanks to 3D printing it's possible to come up with your design, hash it out in AutoCAD and then have it printed on demand with 3D printing on demand and with no upfront investment. The most difficult stage here then is taking your idea - and most of us have some kind of good idea - and turning it into something concrete that you can sell. This is where another technology comes in though - 3D modelling which will allow you to visualize your design and see it from all angles and in any color and then allow you to create the CAD file easily for the 3D printers. And it's not just the lone entrepreneurs benefiting from this either - it's also highly useful for small businesses and even large businesses as a way to be more efficient with materials and to create better products. The fact that 3D modelling allows you to see an object form every angle (the clue is in the name) means right away that you can get a much more accurate idea of what it is going to look like before it's constructed. This then means that you can see the product how the eventual consumer will see it and that in turn means that you can see where there are any potential problems and what needs to be changed. If for instance you find it looks cumbersome or inelegant then you know to change this before you release it to the general public and as a result you will have saved damaging your reputation and wasting lots of materials. At the same time this allows you to come up with suggested changes to your product - as you can get to see for instance whether it might look better slightly larger, and as you can try it in different colors. This then allows you to make lots of minor changes before you release it that will ultimately make it a better product than if you first got to see it when it went to the factory or when you ordered your own copy (and it's of course much quicker to visualise changes this way meaning you can get your design on sale much quicker too). At the same time 3D modelling also allows you to save a lot of money by making your product much more efficient and by using fewer materials. This way you can play with other ways to achieve the same outcome and you can keep track of exactly what materials you are using in the process.
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