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More and more merchants choose wine air column bag-column bags. The reason is here!

More and more merchants choose wine air column bag-column bags. The reason is here!

Many wine merchants want to keep up with the pace of e-commerce, but the glass containers of red wine are too fragile. When red wine is transported to consumers by express companies, 20-30% of them are broken. The express companies pay little, and consumers are reluctant to accept the goods. Finally, the merchants can only pay for the loss. about this situation, to a large extent is due to the fact that the merchants did not choose the right package materials before sending red wine, and even did not use the package materials in order to save space and cost, which greatly increased the damage rate. So, what kind of package is the most suitable for express red wine?

Because red wine is a glass container and fragile, it needs 360 degrees of comprehensive protection. In addition, red wine is a high-end product. If the traditional foam or waste paper is used as the packaging material, it will lower the figure of company. So on the red wine express package, it is better to choose the inflatable package. In many air packaging materials, air column bag is the most suitable product.

The reasons for the popularity of red wine packaged in air-column bags are as follows:

1. Red wine air-column bags are a combination of linear low density polyethylene (LLDPE) and nylon, which have excellent tensile properties, shock absorption and compression resistance, and can provide the best protection for red wine bottles.

2. Air-column bags can be customized according to the size, shape and demand of wine bottles. In application, it can save more unnecessary storage space and transportation space, and reduce the cost of storage and transportation.

3. On the protection performance of product design, red wine air column bags can continue to serve without affecting the protection of other air columns when one column is cut by something sharp.

4. The transparent and clean appearance of the air-column bag can well set off the nobility of red wine. At the same time, it has the characteristics of non-toxic and environmental protection from raw materials to finished products, which makes the air-column bag more suitable for the packaging of red wine.            

In addition, air-column bags also have the characteristics of small storage space, easy operation, heat preservation and waterproof. Therefore, if the merchants want to express red wine, using air column bags is the best choice.

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