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molasses storage a sticky issue

by:Sunshinepack     2019-09-06
An animal feed company on Island hopes to expand its scale by storing additional imported syrup on farmland in the eastern suburbs of Tauranga.
Winton Stock Feed hopes to set up a storage and mixing center behind the old service station near National Highway 2 and at the intersection of Welcome Bay Road in Papamoa.
The Tauranga City Council yesterday reviewed its application for consent to resources.
Winton feed, which provides major agricultural industries across the country, is seeking a discretionary activity in rural areas.
Panel chairman Wayne Motley and other commissioners David Stewart and Bill Grainger
Their decision will be released within 15 days.
Two neighbors opposed the app due to concerns about noise, ground shaking and traffic congestion caused by truck movement.
The Department of Education, which manages the nearby Te Kura Kaupapa o Te Kura Kokiri School, remains neutral, but says the noise impact is uncertain if not assessed.
The plan was supported by the New Zealand transport authority.
Winton Stock Feed, a private business founded in 1988, imports up to 1600 tons of syrup each year at its Portside Drive warehouse in Maunganui Mountain.
But it wants it back.
Storage areas for up to 14,000 tons of goods imported from Fiji and the Philippines-
Make Tauranga its largest distribution center.
Nelson Lindsay, director of Winton Stock Feed, told the council hearing panel that the new facility would provide security for the company to unload bulk vessels.
\"We have never done this before, but we hope to do it.
\"According to current demand, the Papamoa plant will store up to 8000 tons of trucks, which will take about 1280 trucks in and out of the site in a year.
8000 trucks in and out of unloading 600 tons of goods, more than 36hour period.
Peter Lind, planning consultant for Winton feed, said the supply could be sporadic;
There is a large amount of time between irregular intervals and short periods of time.
There is a high cost for a ship to dock at the port ($24,000 a day)
To minimize port costs, he said, it is prudent to unload syrup quickly.
Syrup is a thick dark brown liquid that is a by-product of sugar refining and will be stored in five-metre-
The pit occupies 16 square meters of the site.
The pit will be surrounded by an earth bund for support, and the full syrup is best kept level with the top of the Bund. The molasses -
Its high sugar and low protein content stimulates the appetite of livestock and helps increase the milk production of cows
Will be stored in a polypropylene sealing system that works in a similar way to an inflatable pillow.
When the storage area is empty, polypropylene sits at the bottom and rises as the syrup is added.
The pit next to it will be a processing/mixing facility that looks like four six-
A one-meter container that connects the pipe to the Bund.
The adjacent service station now uses 24-
The truck refuel for an hour, as well as a group member and a small cafe.
Winton feed is one of two companies that import syrup through eight ports, in New Plymouth hills, Tacca, Christchurch, Timaru and Invercargill
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