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mastering the product packaging design process

by:Sunshinepack     2019-08-14
If your product is placed on a shelf packed with competitors, you want it to stand out.
If you want to attract the attention of consumers, attract attention, but also tell the label or packaging of your brand story is the key.
The design process is as important as the packaging itself, so here are some tips to help small business owners design correctly.
99 design online design marketing Europe senior marketing manager Laura McLeod said, before anything else, remind yourself that the packaging will decorate the product.
Ask yourself: who bought it, where to buy it, how to buy it?
\"These answers will focus your attention on the briefing you pass on to the designer,\" she said . \". Badly-
A written briefing can lead to unwanted designs and waste everyone\'s time. Kamil Shah, co-
Olive Branch, founder of olive oil, said it is particularly important to understand the environment in which products are sold.
\"If your goal is a deli and a farm store, consumers tend to spend more time browsing and looking for something to tell more stories,\" he said . \".
So you may want to find some space on the product, such as the history of the company, offering advice or social media accounts.
However, he explained that supermarket shoppers often run around, so the label should be bold and say what it needs to say in a few words.
Julian Abel, general manager of pasta and pizza sauce brands at Nowt Poncy foods, reminds business owners to look for commercial printing companies with experience in your industry.
\"Understand the various options-digital printing, offset printing, etc-and ask about the print run size,\" he said . \".
\"Most companies send samples of their work.
He added: \"get multiple offers;
This is a competitive market, and the price may change a lot.
\"The big office doesn\'t always mean that the designers or printers have the best ideas,\" he said . \".
\"Consider freelancers and take advice from others.
He added: \"There are a lot of questions asked when choosing a printing company or designer.
The designers who worked with Nowt Poncy listened carefully to his needs, took a lot of notes on his brand story and considered the company name and then returned a dozen different models
Its signature sauce.
But Mr. Shah added, please always remember your vision for the product.
\"It is easy to be guided in many different directions, but you are the captain, so make sure that the person you work with insists on the short content.
Wajeeha Husain, founder of chocolate company Chocolateeha, reminds business owners of costs and talks about everything.
\"Our goal is not to spend more than 30 p on some high prices.
\"Quality, quality packaging,\" she explained . \".
\"Initially, we got a quote for 1 unit for 1,000 units, but reduced the cost by ordering 5,000 units.
\"In the process of producing packaging, MS MacLeod said that open and regular conversations with printing companies are essential.
\"Specifically ask what they need: file format requirements, lines, and color options.
Don\'t push off]
In technical terms;
It\'s not as terrible as it originally looked.
\"Deliver this information to your designer in a timely manner and you should be able to prepare --to-
Packaging or tagging files at the end of the process, she said, adding that good organizations can speed up the process, save money and generate revenue for very happy designers and printers.
Don\'t forget that in terms of font size, readability, bar code, etc. , labels must comply with the regulations of your industry.
For example, in the food industry, there are at least 8 dots of font size and you cannot use decorative fonts in mandatory nutrition and component information, Mr Abel said.
\"Everything else is secondary, so add the label size or reduce the product description if there is not enough space.
He suggested: \"This is a complex area and it is easy to foul, so please ask an expert to check it for you if you are not sure.
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