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man in floating bubble rescued in atlantic ocean

by:Sunshinepack     2019-08-24
On Saturday morning, the Coast Guard rescued a man floating in a \"hydraulic cabin\" about 70 miles from here.
The Coast Guard received a report saying,S.
Citizen, floating in an inflatable bubble, reportedly on Wednesday he \"lost his way and asked about the direction to go to Bermuda.
\"Coast Guard cutter Webb arrived at the scene and, due to the lack of supplies on board to maintain him, he asked Balochistan to terminate his trip.
The Coast Guard says Balochistan has protein bars, bottled water, GPS and satellite phones.
According to Balochistan\'s website, he is a marathon runner and his goal is to cross the Bermuda Triangle in the bubble in order to raise money.
After he refused to leave his raft, the Coast Guard monitored his operation until Saturday morning when he launched the positioning beacon due to fatigue.
The Coast Guard plane that took off from Clearwater began searching for him.
According to the Coast Guard, a crew member arrived at the scene, safely \"lifting Balochistan from his inflatable raft and transporting him to Clearwater Air Station, first aid medical services
\"There are no reports of any injuries.
Balochistan has made headlines many times before, trying to break the long-term
Long-distance running and cycling records including a six person
He ran around the United States for a month, a 7-
He said a year of cycling allowed him to travel through 55 countries on six continents. His self-
It is our mission to promote world peace and unity.
According to his website, his neighborhood activities are to raise funds for a children\'s hospital.
On 2003, Balochistan was arrested in Iran for the following reasons and received asylum from the United States. called pro-
Western and
According to Suzannah Maclay, his then lawyer, Islamic activities, including diet during Ramadan.
McRae said Balochistan was jailed for 1/2 years for being associated with the \"anti-revolutionary\" and was handcuffed to a tree for carrying a banned film.
The Coast Guard called him an American citizen. S. Citizen.
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