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jj hospital: nashik man impaled by 4ft rod travels 200km to mumbai for operation | mumbai news - times of india

by:Sunshinepack     2019-09-05
Mumbai: Doctors at the Byculla JJ Hospital conducted a complex five-hour-
Long-term surgery to save 33-year-old livesyear-
Nashik\'s old worker was stabbed to his torso by a 4ft-long iron rod while working at the construction site. With the rod-
Before coming out of the back, enter his body through the groin and penetrate his intestines, liver, abdomen and chest
The man traveled from Nahik to Mumbai and bumped 200 km kilometers all the way to find a hospital to remove it.
The Sheikh\'s family was unable to take advantage of the state-decorated free ambulance scheme because they were not informed of this.
His mother, Naseem, said they paid 5,500 rupees to hire a private ambulance to take him to Mumbai.
\"It is very difficult for us to raise money from his friends and colleagues, who are all daily wage workers,\" she said . \".
On March 8, when Sheikh worked at a construction site in lasargang, he slid down from an iron rod sticking out of a concrete pillar and fell down from a height of 7ft.
It took him more than six hours in the ambulance to walk 200 km kilometers, and the pain was boiling.
\"The rod protruding behind his collar does not allow him to lie evenly in the ambulance.
We bought an inflatable pillow and put it between the Rod and his head.
But every time we run into a pit or a speeding man, he screams painfully.
He went in and out of consciousness and begged us to save him, \"Nassim recalled with tears.
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