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Is it troublesome to inflate the air column bag?

Is it troublesome to inflate the air column bag?

Many customers are concerned about whether it would be troublesome to inflate the air column bags?

Air-column bags have become the preferred cushioning and protective packaging for more and more traditional enterprises/e-commerce enterprises due to their good protective performance, low procurement cost, storage cost of only one percent of the traditional packaging materials, elegant appearance and many other advantages. At present, air cushion packaging have been widely used in many markets, such as electronic digital, household appliances, ceramics, lamps and lanterns, agricultural freshness and so on, and have been highly recognized by customers. Every day, Shanjian (Sunshinepack) meets with new customers to consult the air column bag. How about inflating it? Inflatable numbness is not a problem. Here, Shanjian (Sunshinepack) makes a unified answer.

1.It is very convenient to inflate the air column bag.

The main reason is that the air column bag is equipped with a dedicated air valve, the gas can only go in and out at one time (without manual sealing). So, just inflate it, there is no redundant process operation, it is very simple (six-year-old children can learn to use it just by look at it once).

2.How long does it take to inflate an air column bag?

It takes a few seconds to inflate an air column bag, but for large inflatable customers (e.g. thousands or more packages per day),can use automatically inflate machine,that will save time and man-power.What are the factors that affect the filling time of an air column bag? Shanjian(Sunshinepack) Packing here for you to do a brief analysis, mainly the following factors:

(1) Whether the intake performance of the valve of the air column bag itself is good or not.

The air valve of the air column bag is very expensive, so in order to save cost, the air column bag equipped with the air valve on the market is often of uneven quality. Shanjian (Sunshinepack) focuses on inflatable packaging business (inflatable packaging is our only major business), preferring first-class valve quality (although the cost has risen a little), inflatable intake is smooth, customers use it naturally, efficiently and time-saving. Especially for large customers, thousands of air-column bags need to be inflated every day. It is naturally important to select high-quality air-column bag suppliers.

(2) Workers'proficiency in operation.

Shanjian (Sunshinepack) strongly recommends that air column bags be equipped with relatively fixed inflatable candidates, Skill comes from practice. The more skilled people are,To inflate the air column bag, there are three or four movements (take out the bag, find the inflatable orifice, insert the air gun, inflate it).The more skilled people are, the more bags they inflate in a day, and the more effective they inflate, the less likely they are to burst or inflate insufficiently.

3.Shanjian (Sunshinepack) highly recommends the bigger customers adopt Shinerpack  CLU-01  air column bag inflator. Shinerpack CLU-01  air column bag special inflator is less than $730, but it can save you at least $730 labor cost every month. Over the past year, Shinerpack  CLU-01  air column bag inflator as a "robot" can save a lot of labor costs for customers.Shinerpack CLU-01 air-column inflator, as a robot that will not be tired, can more afford the work of at least three people in the peak season (saving you $2200/month wage cost).

Shinerpack CLU-01  air column bag inflator is a high-speed, industrial-grade stable, fast inflatable, very uniform inflatable (full but not too inflatable), is the preferred choice for large and medium-sized customers. Dozens of bags per minute or tens of meters of air column coil are automatically filled, even and full, long-term reliable, this is Shinerpack  CLU-01 air column bag inflator.  

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