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Is installation service provided for air cushion bag ?
How long will the activated carbon filter of the household water purifier be replaced later? 1.Sponge or cotton glue filter: intercept solid impurities with larger particles.It is recommended to change once a month.2.Activated carbon filter: can absorb odor such as bleaching powder (chlorine) in water,Different product life,Common products in the market are generally in one to three months.1.PE filter element: the filter aperture is large and small,Generally in 0.About 1 micron.Function: blocking impurities such as red worms, sand stones, rust and colloid that can be seen by the naked eye in the water,Service life is 1 ~ 2 months.2.PP dissolved spray filter element: the filter aperture is large and small,Usually about 5 microns.Function: blocking impurities greater than 5 microns in water, colloidal, rust and microorganisms in water,Service life is 3 ~ Six months.3.Ceramic filter element: the filter aperture is 0.1 micron,Slightly larger than the UF material.Function: filter out bacteria, heat

With great input, Dongguan Dongguan Sunshinepack Industrial Co., Ltd. Co., Ltd has rapidly become a world-class leader in air column bag industries. Sunshinepack upholds the core value to be honest, practical, truth-seeking, pioneering, and innovative in the development. We address the responsibility for environmental protection and product safety. We always have the courage to try and pursue excellence, regardless of all the difficulties. Our goal is to become the most influential company in the Manufacturing Packaging & Printing Packaging Bags industry. air column roll can be applied to multiple scenes. The following are the application examples for you. Sunshinepack is mainly engaged in the business of air pillow and other product series. The quality of this product has met the requirements of international standards. Dongguan Sunshinepack Co., Ltd greatly makes an emphasis on the before sale, sale and after-sale technical support. Hermetically sealing the goods, it provides the best buffer protection during shipping. our company is committed to guaranteeing good product quality and after-sales service. Welcome to contact us for cooperation!

Can you directly use tap water against the sea? The seawater ornamental fish market has artificial sea water, which can be allocated in proportion!It can last 15-Do not change water for 20 days, but need a filter to assist the oxygen content in the water!
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