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How to select high quality air column roll?

How to select high quality air column roll?

Gas packaging air bag is composed of individual air column. It is fully covered with cushioning protection. It fits closely with the product and carton. There is no problem of product damage and displacement caused by the gap in the carton.Each single gas chamber has the function of reverse gas stop, which will not affect the overall protective effect because of the single gas column rupture. It is the most economical and environmentally friendly way.The same anti-seismic protection can be provided with smaller package volume, which greatly saves the cost of storage, transportation and distribution of materials and commodities.

The material of air column membrane and air column bag is the same, they also choose PA material, namely PE and nylon.This material can withstand static pressure of 100KG and has strong tensile property. It can be used for heavy products, large products or products requiring enhanced protection.The air column membrane can be inflated by manual inflatable cylinder or air compressor without the inflatable sealing of bag making machine.Air column roll and air column bag are all filled with air at one time, using physical principles;Automatic air the lock, while forming a diving tank, even in case of damage, only the damaged gas column part of the failure, the rest of the gas column is completely unaffected, still maintain the protection effect.Provide long-term storage and transportation of products without leakage of seismic protection,with 360 degree protection, will reduce the damage rate to the lowest.

1. The air intake is uniform, fast and smooth.

2. Beautiful appearance: transparent appearance, close to products, exquisite design, can improve the value of products, improve the image of enterprises.

3. Good cushioning and anti-seismic effect: use each air cushion to suspend the product support for protection, scatter and absorb external pressure.                                                                                                                             

4. Save storage cost:  before use can save more than 90% of storage space.

5. Reduce transportation cost: It can replace traditional packing materials, reduce the volume of outer box by more than 10%, and increase the number of containers.

6. Fill it immediately, tear it at will and inflate it, without considering the sealing problem, so as to greatly improve the work efficiency.                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

7. Dust-proof,water-proof and  with good air tightness.air leakage within 6 months average 10%.                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

Dimensions of 20-110 cm are available. The wider the air column, the greater the impact it can bear. Of course, when looking for the width of the air column, customers can choose according to the specific weight of the product and the strength they need to protect.

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