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How to reduce transportation cost and breakage rate of safety monitoring products?

How to reduce transportation cost and breakage rate of safety monitoring products?

When it comes to how to package products safely, people feel more or less helpless about logistics. Especially the  transport packaging of high-end products, which is the most worrying problem for enterprises, is also the most headache problem for logistics transportation. For example, there are many surveillance products, anti-theft and alarm products in security products, and many of these products have high-precision parts with very high cost, so it is very important to package safety in transportation and circulation. 

Some customers may not know how the logistics process is, nor do they know what kind of operation will lead to the breakage of the goods. Some customers are unwilling to add too much to the cost of packing. They only choose some foam, plastic and pearl cotton as cushioning packaging. In fact, these packaging materials are no longer popular now, because these are "white contaminated".  the volume of it is also large, which not only destroys the environmental protection, but also increases the storage cost. The latest buffer gas bag is constantly applied in various fields, but because the manufacturing cost is higher than that of foam and other materials, it haven't be fully application  in cushioning packaging.   

As a subversion of the traditional packaging material concept, cushioning air column bag has been developed to replace Poly, EPE, pulp plastic film and bubble bag. It is a cushioning package made of air column and air column system of 2-6cm. when air column is inflated 65%, it naturally forms cushioning, connecting and independent air column, forming the best cushioning package around the object.   

Actually, as the shipper, we must pack our products according to their high, middle and low grades. We must not neglect the packing because of saving the packing fee. The cost of cushioning air column bag is not only lower than that of traditional packing, it's not a small size,but also flat before inflating . It can also reduce storage cost and transportation cost.   

At present, the camera cushion air column bag solves the problem of high transportation cost and high damage at the outlet. Using the principle of one-way intake valve, it is designed according to the size of the product. The overall cushion protection of the air column can reduce the damage rate to the lowest. Compared with the traditional filler, it will be damage by violent displacement in the process of transportation because of the large gap in the inner box. Even if it encounters extrusion, the close-fitting design of the air column bag can also use the air cushion to disperse the pressure, so as to avoid damage.   

The advantage of camera air column bag advantage:

Camera air column bag generally uses 80-100mm seven-layer co-extrusion film processing, compared with epe foam:

1. Low cost, no mould cost.

2. Save space and do not occupy storage before inflating.

3. Environmental protection material: non-toxic, recyclable.

4. The cushioning performance is good, and a single gas column can withstand the weight of 100KG.

5. Customization can be made according to the size of security products.    

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