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How To Quit Smoking - With Plain Cigarette Packaging

by:Sunshinepack     2020-03-31
At the time of writing, the Australian government is about to introduce a law requiring cigarette companies to market their products in plain green packaging. I imagine they are thinking that, when a person asks how they can quit smoking, they think about the packaging. Tobacco giant Phillip Morris is threatening to sue the Australian government. Past efforts such as grisly images on packaging, no smoking signs and scary television ads have had little impact on smoking numbers. Smokers freely admit that quite often seeing an advertisement with a smoker dying in a hospital bed actually makes them want to smoke. One client while watching television with his son, reported that as his young lad was becoming upset and pleading with him to quit, all he could think about was going outside to light up a smoke. Quit smoking signs in airports are proven to make people want to smoke. Seeing them just makes the craving centres of the brain light up. Quit smoking campaigns have little effect. The drop in smokers has come from increased taxes and more importantly increased social pressure. Quit smoking campaigns are designed to stop new people from taking up the habit. But smoking in the demographic of young adults is on the rise. It is not surprising really because in a world of increasing rules and regulations smoking is a way for a young person to rebel. Clients laugh at the notion of not being able to differentiate one brand from another, because of a government regulation. Governments should be applauded for their efforts to stem the tide of smoking. The problem they face is trying to change the attitudes of individuals with policies which are sweeping and by necessity are aimed at the large faceless group called smokers. Smokers quit as individuals. They quit when they have come to an individual personal decision that they need to stop now. They don't quit because some government committee announce a decree from on high that some new punitive measure aimed at the multi nationals will change the mind of a smoker having a drink and a smoke after work. Quitting comes only at the right time, and only when a person has finally made a clear committed decision. Advanced hypnosis is the way to leave smoking behind forever, it is the best way to ensure your success, then the new plain packaged smokes will be of zero interest to you.
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