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How to install air bubble wrap ?
Dongguan Sunshinepack Industrial Co., Ltd. is rich in industrial experience and is sensitive about customers' needs. We can provide comprehensive and one-stop solutions based on customers' actual situations. The air column roll of Sunshinepack is applicable to the following areas. With the strong modern idea, Sunshinepack always focuses on innovative design and professional production. On one hand, we keep improving the appearance of air bubble wrap to ensure they are novel and unique. On the other hand, we improve the technology of packaging and printing to shorten the production period and to promote the punctual product delivery. If you have any needs, please contact Sunshinepack. our company is mainly engaged in the business of air column bag and other product series.

Installation method of floor heating water separator The inlet and outlet of each loop heating pipe shall be connected with the water separator and the water collector respectively.Water divider, water collector inner diameter should not be less than the total supply, return pipe inner diameter, and water divider, water collector maximum cross-section flow rate should not be greater than 0.8 m/s.Each water separator and water collector branch loop should not be more than 8.Too many loops will cause the pipes at the water collector to be too dense for installation.The copper ball valve and other shutdown valves should be set on each branch loop supply return pipe.On the water supply connecting pipe before the water separator, the valves, filters and drain pipes should be installed in the direction of the water flow.Two valves are set up before the water separator, mainly for cleaning the filter and closing when replacing or repairing the heat metering device;The filter is set to prevent impurities from

Production method of rural water filter pool First, determine the total water consumption and the time requirements for supplying water according to the number of water users and water consumption,Then select the equipment processing capacity and size according to the maximum hourly water consumption.For filters,Generally, it can be selected locally according to local building materials,Most of them use pressure steel filter vessels,Rinse with the corresponding water pump,Regular manual operation is OK.The steel container can use 50 centimeters thick quartz sand,Add 30 centimeters thick granular activated carbon above to strengthen the filtration effect.The specific size is as follows: the area of the filter can be divided by the maximum filtration speed according to the maximum hourly water consumption,The cross-sectional area of the filter container is obtained.Maximum filtering speed (8-can be selected generally-10 m/h) for consideration.The rural water purifier is also called the Rural well w

Ask you about the deep treatment process of prawn and domestic sewage treatment plant: which is used for ordinary fast filter and continuous sand filtration? Advantages and disadvantages of two processes and economy 10 Ordinary fast filter and continuous sand filtration are two mature processes that are widely used at present,Difficult to distinguish,All have their own advantages and disadvantages.Economy,Easier to manage.Single,Water quality is different from standard.Sewage treatment is relatively thorough,Water quality can meet national standards.The investment is relatively large,Management is cumbersome.If it's just a general domestic sewage treatment,It is recommended to use ordinary fast filter.If there is industrial sewage,Or use continuous sand filtration.Application Scope of active sand filter I. continuous sand flow filter: Based on countercurrent principleIt is a continuous filtration equipment integrating coagulation, clarification and filtration,It is widely used in the fields of drink
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