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How to customize the safest and most beautiful air packaging of make-up?

How to customize the safest and most beautiful air packaging of make-up?

Cosmetics and skin care products as one of the essential fast-moving products for modern women, they are not only have a huge offline sales, but also have an amazing online turnover! With the rapid development of Internet and logistics industry, people enjoy shopping online more and more, because it is so convenient! Therefore, If you wanna have a great online selling,an effective cushion packaging is also essential. It can not only protect the product's safe , but also a clean and beautiful air bag packaging can "add value" to the product itself.

There are too many advantages of air pack packaging,Low cost, good buffer effect, environmental protection, no storage, High-grade,high customer satisfaction, high repurchase rate, high referral rate,etc.So how do we do customized?

First, provide the product picture and package size, then design the most suitable air column package scheme, draw the drawings, select the most suitable raw material of thickness, proofing, sending samples, and quote to the customer after confirming the samples!

Here are some air packaging solutions for cosmetics / skin care products. Would you like to know more? Please leave a message or email us!

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